Monday, November 3, 2014

time flies by

The title does give it away doesn't it ?

Don't know when June became November and another year has flown by,

Guess this is what happens when you are having fun, are a mom, slightly lazy and all of the above

This has been a great year for me my little baby became a little boy and I can't get over how his personality is emerging and is a mix of both me , my husband and his own quirky self

I finally achieved my fitness goals and could fit into all my 90% of my old clothes again and just when I had started job hunting here, Bam!!! something happened and I can't do it still again(more on that in a later post)

The Indian festive season just got over and we celebrated all the festivals this year mainly for my son so that he can know our culture

Or so that I can dress him up in cute Indian clothes :)

Here's the past few months in pictures



Baby V 


Bye for now hope to write another post pretty soon

Monday, June 9, 2014

Hello there

Hello there

How have you been?
A very happy new year to everybody
Cant believe this year is half over, don't know where time is running by !!!
But happy times these are :) all thanks to my bundle of joy

Here's what I have been up to

Despite my little laddu keeping me super busy I did manage to work out a little bit and have lost almost all my pregnancy weight except the pooch which is a work in progress, a detailed post on this is in the works

My little one turned one in March and we had a fun party at a indoor playground

My mother is in town and that means a little bit of sleep for me something that I crave almost as much as pretty bags and shoes

Despite being a self confessed shopping addict suddenly I don't feel like it anymore !!!!
Yes I am very surprised myself

I started baking! who would've thought definitely not me, apparently motherhood does strange things to you but hubby is very happy about this

Here are some moments from my son's Birthday Party

Friday, December 6, 2013

Trends shrends

 I don't follow any fashion trends and just wear what I want but I do love this color blocking thing so when it came into vogue a couple of seasons back I was pretty happy.

I think the main reason why everyone starts following a trend is cause that's what's available in the market.
Even if you wanted to wear something else it would be pretty hard to find or you would have to get it made which is not possible for everyone.

Here's something I wore for an early morning movie and there is not a trace of makeup on my face.

 I was so sad when they closed down this store :(

Top: Iora(Singapore)
Shoes: Vanilla Moon
Skirt: Iora

Pretty happy to get my weekly treat of ice cream

And the week is over yipeee!!!

Monday, December 2, 2013

Feeling green and baby weight

My favorite colors are supposedly all in the red family - orange, oxblood, pink, magenta but when I look at my closet and the older pics the maximum clothes I own are blue or related to blue
How well do I know myself!!!

I wore blue and green in my last 4 posts

On a totally unrelated note I am trying to lose my baby weight(the weight I gained while being pregnant)
Since I can not go all Rocky and exercise like a mad woman as I have a baby to take care of
I am putting more focus on eating healthy

Here's what I have been doing

1. Exercising 6 days a week- something low impact like swimming or brisk walking
2. Walking as much as possible that means walking instead of taking a cab for small distances
3. Joined a walking group
4. No junk food, nothing fried, no sugar
5. No white foods like pasta, white rice
6. No dairy except a small cup of masala tea, no carbs at night and am looking into going gluten free

I have already lost a few kilos and hoping to lose some more in the coming months :)
Before and after pics coming soon

Meanwhile here's an OOTD featuring green color and a few of my favorite people on earth

Any other baby mamas trying to lose weight??

Friday, November 29, 2013

Travel Diaries Thailand and poetry

So here is another travel post with a side of cheesy poetry :)

Sometime back we went to a place called Thailand
It was peaceful, it was pretty, the people there were nice and witty
The food was yummy the weather was sunny, life in Thailand was sweet like honey
The sunsets were like a screensaver and of all this my friend, we are very much in favor.

So the moral of the poem is that we reallyyyyyyyyyyy love the place!!!

On to the pics

Dress: Gift
Sandals: Promod
Sunglasses: Zara

What did I say about sunsets!