Sunday, May 1, 2011

Trip Diaries- Roma

Hope everybody had a good weekend mine was good not great just good 
good is better than bad so not complaining
one thing I am complaining about is "no good movies releasing" why oh why is that???
things have become so bad that watching "Thor the hammer"makes me happy 
So we have decided to watch old movies and tonight it's "Carlito's Way" you can't go wrong with Al Pacino, Sean Penn and a crime thriller can you?
I hope I am not wrong or it will have to be The real housewives ........ tonight and husband won't like that, not good for the marriage na na
Ok so enough with the drama and we can get to the the Italian Part of our trip the better part I would say 
Yes in my not so humble opinion Italy is way better than Paris so here we go

 Need I tell you it's The Colosseum 
Colosseum again
Ancient Rome it also has the Roman Forum where Julius Caesar was assassinated
Throwing a coin in the Trevi Fountain, you do that to ensure you return to Rome and I definitely want to return
Monument to Victor Emanuele the first king of unified Italy
Eating the 3rd Gelato of the day, don't judge me my husband forced me to eat it ;)  

Rome for us was the best part of the trip and given a chance I would gladly return there every year
I am not eloquent enough to express my feelings so i am letting Stanely Moss do it for me

Return to Rome

Today in Rome, heading down   
Michelangelo’s Spanish Steps,   
under an unchanging moon,   
I held on to the balustrade,
grateful for his giving me a hand.   
All for love, I stumbled over the past
as if it were my own feet. Here, in my twenties,
I was lost in love and poetry. Along the Tiber,
I made up Cubist Shakespearean games.   
(In writing, even in those days,
I cannot say it was popular to have “subjects”
any more than painters used sitters. But I did.)
I played with an ignorant mirror for an audience:
my self, embroiled with personae
from Antony and Cleopatra. Delusions of grandeur!
They were for a time my foul-weather friends—
as once I played with soldiers
on the mountainous countryside of a purple blanket.