Monday, November 3, 2014

time flies by

The title does give it away doesn't it ?

Don't know when June became November and another year has flown by,

Guess this is what happens when you are having fun, are a mom, slightly lazy and all of the above

This has been a great year for me my little baby became a little boy and I can't get over how his personality is emerging and is a mix of both me , my husband and his own quirky self

I finally achieved my fitness goals and could fit into all my 90% of my old clothes again and just when I had started job hunting here, Bam!!! something happened and I can't do it still again(more on that in a later post)

The Indian festive season just got over and we celebrated all the festivals this year mainly for my son so that he can know our culture

Or so that I can dress him up in cute Indian clothes :)

Here's the past few months in pictures



Baby V 


Bye for now hope to write another post pretty soon