Monday, July 26, 2010

One rainy Sunday evening

Celebrated Sunday evening by going out for dinner with husband and a friend
we went for a buffet dinner and despite it being an all you can eat buffet I restrained myself and chose to eat healthy stuff , ye for that :)
and yes desserts was the hardest part  of the abstinence, damn you chocolate !!!!!!
would probably be dreaming about it for the next one week (also have a photographic memory for lust worthy stuff) :)
On a different note saw 2 movies on Saturday and both of them were not that good.
Tere Bin Laden and Sorcerers Apprentice, from the latter I had high hopes(we love fantasy) 
but even the presence of  Monica Belucci and Nicolas Cage couldn't salvage a bad screen play, do not watch it.
Tere Bin Laden is refreshing and funny(surprisingly) but we could have just waited for the dvd to come out.

And here comes the food already forgetting the trauma inflicted by bad movies ;)

 Minestrone Soup

 The salads were very yummy

Last but not the least pasta ,made Indian style with spices 

Top: Wills Life Style
Jeans: Levis
Shoes: Bangkok
Bag: Bangkok

p.s still not done with Shantaram, angry with myself  for that.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Dominated by orange

Does it happen to you that one or two colors are dominant per season???

Though I do not follow color of the season or any such thing but it happens every season that everything I buy is in the same color or similar to that and this season the color is orange.

So I have orange tops, bags, shoes and planning to buy an orange belt pretty soon.
The good thing is all that gold jewellery that I have can be paired with these outfits :) (In India when you get married you are given a lot of gold jewellery by your family, we are not the highest consumers of gold for nothing)

And here is my rust color kinda orangish top with a cotton shrug to hide a bit of oranginess :), I wore this to work.

Top: Palladium Mall
Shoes: Venus Steps Delhi
Shrug and Necklace: Latin Quarters
Bangles: Gift from Mom-in-law
(though it's not 
visible they are purple
and orange in color )

A closer look at the shoes, the heel has colorful stones on it

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Review: Sally Hansen Nail Strengthening Top Coat

Sally Hansen Double Duty
Strengthening Base & Top Coat

I had used Sally Hansen Nail paints in the past and found them to be of good quality, but this time I was looking for a nail strengthener as my nail have been breaking and chipping a lot lately despite regular manicures.

I bought this product on my recent US trip but Sally Hansen products are available in India as well.

This is what the company claims

  • All-in-one patented strengthening base and top coat works double time...for double protection.
  • As a base coat, Double Duty moisturizes and hydrates nails with Panthenol.
  • As a top coat, Double Duty protects with Nylon.
  • Nails are shielded with a hard, shiny, chip-resistant finish.
  • Salon Tested - Dermatologist Tested.
Special Ingredients:
Panthenol and Nylon protect for perfect manicures and stronger,
more beautiful nails.
My Take:
I have been using this since the past 1.5 months and yes the product really works 
My nails have stopped chipping and breaking.
If used as a top coat it does protect your nail paint and the nail paint doesn't chip, also the nails don't become yellow even if you have applied a dark nail paint.
You can wear it alone without wearing any color on top of it and the nails look good.
It stays on till the time you actually remove it with a nail paint remover.
I am very happy with this and will definitely buy it again, a great product for people like me who can't be bothered to change nail paint every 3 days :) 
I am totally in awe of people who color coordinate their nail paints with their outfits, wow.
So, I would definitely buy it again and would recommend it to others also who have the same problem with their nails as I had.

A picture of my nails wearing the above product and this is after having applied it a week before.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I had always wanted to write a blog(ever since i heard about blogging).

I never thought I would also post pictures of outfits or any such thing, cause the truth is I am not that good at it.
If I make an attempt I look ok and yeah good also but I seriously lack in the accessories department and I do need to work on thinking out of the box when it comes to fashion.

Through this blog I will work on the above and of course I have all you lovely bloggers for inspiration who continue to amaze me with their innovative take on everyday dressing.

These are some of my humble learnings:

Don't be too matchy matchy

Invest in accessories not just clothes

Venturing out of your comfort zone can be sometimes wonderful, for me that means anything other than Jeans or Pants

Make up doesn't mean only lipstick and kajal(kohl), blush can work wonders with a face.

Dress not only according to body type but also weather and place,place important in case of India specially north India where showing some skin can lead to eve teasing and harassment, though things have changed a lot now.

Drab colors need to be brightened up with some accessories.

Every piece of jewellery need not be precious metal or diamonds, costume jewellery looks wonderful too and you can buy lots more than just 1 or 2 pieces at a time.

It feels good to wear pretty clothes even while staying at home(makes the husband really happy).

Proper storage is very important.

The post has become too long, sometimes I have a tendency to ramble so will stop now.

So I will have hits I will have misses but what I will always have is effort. 

p.s: the inspiration for the post comes from here

Monday, July 19, 2010

My wish wish list

The wish wish list

I like this bag and it's on sale too, though it's too simple

The color is so good and has this small wallet inside too

Need I say anything these Louboutin shoes speak  for themselves

I totally love these Jimmy Choo shoes and they look beautiful from every angle,  really liked the pink touch

Alta Rita 100 slingback by Christian Louboutin 

D & G marigold and black polka dot dress, it is very figure flattering and definitely a head turner

Love the studs on this Jimmy Choo bag

Again I really like Chanel bags I guess I have made it pretty evident by now and I like big bags in which I can put all my stuff .

So, this was my wish wish list, I say wish wish cause it's not that realistic and I would probably buy 1 max 2 things out of this except the first 2 bags as they are on sale.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Celebrating rains and National Ice cream day

It's rainy season in mumbai and rains are associated in my mind with Bhajiya(vegetable fritters) yum!!!!!!!!!

Yes I know I know I am supposedly on a diet, but it's rainy season man !! and yesterday was National Ice cream day :) 
you gotta celebrate that right????

So we celebrated the day with bhajiya/pakode , hot tea and of course topped it off with ice cream that we had later in the night.......

Now I know I have broken all the rules of healthy eating but sometimes you gotta eat what you wanta eat
today I eat cause tomorrow I diet and go to the gym

And this is what I wore while going to office

Grey Shrug: Adidas
Shoes: Nine West
Shirt: Banana Republic
Jeans: Levis 
Watch: Casio

Friday, July 16, 2010

Love is in the air

I have decided to be a good wife today and cook dinner for hubby, he totally deserves it too for being a sweetheart these past couple of weeks.

Ours is a love marriage and the courtship period was 8 years, we had been dating since our graduation days.
When we got married I thought that there would be no surprises as we know each other so well but lo and behold,
 I keep on being surprised.

Surprised by the fact that I could love him more than I already did,
surprised that the relationship has become so much better, I didn't think that was possible (sounding really filmy na :))

But I have still some more to say:
He has made me a much nicer person, again I thought I had already reached the pinnacle of my niceness ;)

So, the surprises and the happiness just keeps coming and I can't wait for the rest of my life

Phuket 2010

New Zealand 2009

p.s: reading Shantaram  and really loving it

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Blue dress

This is what I wore for a movie and a day at the mall.
The dress is perfect for mumbai weather, 100% cotton and a bright color, it's just that I think I should have worn more accessories maybe a bright belt or bangles but at that time I thought the bag was blingy enough.
Don't look at the hair, humidity has made it super frizzy and I am due for a hair straighting anyways.
We watched the The A Team finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I loveeed it, it was a proper summer popcorn movie and hubby and friends loved it too, bradley cooper is so good looking and made the movie watching a very pleasant experience.
But all in all an entertaining movie and can be watched without regrets

Dress: Espirit
Bag:    Boutique in Bandra
Shoes: Bootmakers Bandra

Earrings: twisted Phoenix mills
was able to buy just these, sometimes you are just not able to find anything.