Sunday, December 25, 2011

No more blogging here

Hey Friends,

My journey with this blog takes a long and extended break, thanks a lot for all the love and support.
I am sure I will be blogging again, as soon as I find enough time and energy to do it.
You will still see me in your comments section :) but right now I need to focus on some other things in my life.
Love you all and have a Happy New Year.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Good things in life

Hope everyone is having a good time

We are getting to the most anticipated part of year and festival season is already here in Mumbai
Usually I get a bit depressed at this time of the year don't ask me why??
And how do I combat it???
dress up for dinner at home and compile the list of things to look forward to in the coming months, here is it:

1. Upcoming visit from my family in the next week
2. Diwali when I  visit my parents and be in my beloved city of delhi(I love mumbai equally it's a case of "distance makes the heart grow fonder")
3. My birthday :) 
4. Best friends wedding
5. Vacation 
6. My first half marathon 
7. New year
8. Husband's birthday
9. More weddings
10.More vacation 

do you make such lists??? I make lists and excel sheets for almost everything,apply filters make pie charts and then analyse everything :)
Does that make me neurotic!!! Freud would agree I am sure but I like it
Now that I have cheered up considerably here is the outfit I wore today at home for a grand meal of chapati, daal and veggies

Dress: Bizarre
Cardi: Promod
Shoes: jessica simpson 
Belt: Vero Moda

I am planning to start tomorrow in the gym with an intensive workout and some home cooked south indian breakfast(the breakfast part is already making me happy)
Have a good night and good day for others :)

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Monsoons in Goa

Last week husband had 2 days off so decided to head off to Goa for a mini vacation

What we did there was drink,eat,read,swim,sleep precisely in this order though we sometime made do with only drinking and no eating ;)

I was a bit skeptical about the trip initially but the skepticism was for naught,
Goa in monsoons is heavenly, my eyes hurt with seeing so much green and off season meant less people, which is always a bonus if you live in Mumbai 

When we go on a small vacation the stress is completely on relaxation and usually we don't venture out of the resort so all the pics have been clicked in the resort only, means don't expect to see pics of usual goa spots 

Resort grounds

   What did I say about less people, see the almost empty beach bliss!!!!

Here I did not mind the rains at all it, gave me an excuse to drink more tea :)
Top: Express
Pants: Zara
Never thought of myself as a tea drinker but apparently I am 
Featured here Assam Dikom tea 
This balcony was my fav. place in the resort because of the view and the solitude, we used to sit here every afternoon drinking tea, reading books

Here's the view from our tea drinking perch
Will share rest of the pics in subsequent posts now I am logging in to bloglovin and reading all the blogs 
Hope everybody had a good week 

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Wearable and Simple

I am so deprived of blog titles and creativity just does not flow after a 1 hr commute in rush hour traffic
So the title today is very literal,what I am wearing is a very wearable and simple outfit that I wore to a class that I am taking. I did color blocking with a yellow top and purple bag the lighting is not very good in the pics as the sky is always overcast in the afternoon when I take my pics, I still haven't gathered the courage to go outside and take pics using tripod one of these days.......

Today in class I was talking to a friend of mine and told her that I was married and lived with my husband, the girl just did not believe me I actually had to show her my wedding pic, even after that she was like OMG how could it be you don't look like that!!! what is "that" actually??? do married women give a aura of being married
I don't know what it is but whenever I tell someone about my marital status usually this is the first reaction I get "YOU DON'T LOOK LIKE THAT" me being me I totally take it in my stride and believe that I look too young to be married and react happily 
May be the reason is my not wearing the usual signs of matrimony but whatever it is I believe my happy reason :)

So here's the simple and wearable outfit I am talking about
Top: Cotton World
Jeans: Levi's
Shoes: Bata
Bag: Rocky S

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Run the world

Hey Everyone hope you all are having a great weekend!!

I am doing the usual reading,movies,window shopping(trying to shop less if you remember) and a visit to the lakme fashion week

Here's what I wore:

Top and Pants: Zara
Tank: Banana Republic
Shoes: Bata
ps: thanks for your suggestions in the last post 

pps: the title of the post has no connection to the post I just love this song 

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


So I have been MIA for a long long time now and even though I wanted to say the reason for that is the super important things I have been doing and how busy I have been but that would be too far from reality
I have not been busy just been super lazy getting a degree in couch potatodom and did not want to bore anyone with mundane details from my life 
even thought about quitting blogging for good but I love interacting with you people too much to do that hopefully this time I would stay motivated enough to blog regularly 

One thing I have been thinking about this couple of days is what do you do when your friend is in a relationship with a person you dislike and you have done all in your power to get along with that person but still things don't work out

Do you stop being friends with your friend
Limit interaction with them
Tell your friend about it and say that you don't want to go on double dates or spend time with their partner
Just keep suffering in silence 

Do tell me your views and have you ever been in such a situation??

Here's a pic of something I wore over the weekend, I tried my hand at mixing prints, what do you think?? hit or miss??
Also trying to limit my shopping by remixing my clothes 

Maxi: Forever 21
previously worn here
Necklace: Accessorize 
Shoes: Marie Claire(Bata)
Cardi: Zara

Friday, June 3, 2011

I blog again

I have been a bad blogger I know but I needed to sort out somethings and now that everything's settled I am back to blogging
Here are the rest of the pics from my now seeming long time ago trip,already I am itching to take a break and with the rain gods smiling on us here in Mumbai it might happen soon :)
I did visit all my regular reads but wasn't able to comment will be back to doing it now
And here is Venice and me of course

A random canal
Grand Canal the main street of Venice
You do remember who this is right!!!
Bridge of Sighs now with a toyota ad on the wall, the blue thing that you can see
On Rialto bridge
Recommend eating here amazing food and wine
Stylish traveler  
Unfortunately I did not take any pics in Milan so this is it 

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Trip Diaries- Roma

Hope everybody had a good weekend mine was good not great just good 
good is better than bad so not complaining
one thing I am complaining about is "no good movies releasing" why oh why is that???
things have become so bad that watching "Thor the hammer"makes me happy 
So we have decided to watch old movies and tonight it's "Carlito's Way" you can't go wrong with Al Pacino, Sean Penn and a crime thriller can you?
I hope I am not wrong or it will have to be The real housewives ........ tonight and husband won't like that, not good for the marriage na na
Ok so enough with the drama and we can get to the the Italian Part of our trip the better part I would say 
Yes in my not so humble opinion Italy is way better than Paris so here we go

 Need I tell you it's The Colosseum 
Colosseum again
Ancient Rome it also has the Roman Forum where Julius Caesar was assassinated
Throwing a coin in the Trevi Fountain, you do that to ensure you return to Rome and I definitely want to return
Monument to Victor Emanuele the first king of unified Italy
Eating the 3rd Gelato of the day, don't judge me my husband forced me to eat it ;)  

Rome for us was the best part of the trip and given a chance I would gladly return there every year
I am not eloquent enough to express my feelings so i am letting Stanely Moss do it for me

Return to Rome

Today in Rome, heading down   
Michelangelo’s Spanish Steps,   
under an unchanging moon,   
I held on to the balustrade,
grateful for his giving me a hand.   
All for love, I stumbled over the past
as if it were my own feet. Here, in my twenties,
I was lost in love and poetry. Along the Tiber,
I made up Cubist Shakespearean games.   
(In writing, even in those days,
I cannot say it was popular to have “subjects”
any more than painters used sitters. But I did.)
I played with an ignorant mirror for an audience:
my self, embroiled with personae
from Antony and Cleopatra. Delusions of grandeur!
They were for a time my foul-weather friends—
as once I played with soldiers
on the mountainous countryside of a purple blanket.


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Trip Diary

Been back for two days now and have not done any posts about it till now cause I have been wondering how to put all my experiences into words.
This trip was special in many ways as I have always had a fascination with roman history and the romantic in me always wanted to visit Venice(which is not that romantic actually) and I spoke the language :)
which was very helpful while ordering all the gelati(stuck to the rule of two) which is: eating 2 gelati a day whenever you are in Italy and the good thing is you can not gain weight here cause of the walking you have to do win win :)
So all in all the place is great, people wonderful a bit like Indians actually and the food out of this world, now I don't see any reason why anyone would not want to visit it; so do it the first chance you get and ya throw in a bit of Paris and it's perfect

And here come the pics, would not be writing about any monument or place's history but clicking on the name will open the Wikipedia page for it if you want to read about it
I will give my take on everything  of course :)

We started the trip in paris 
Visiting Louvre  god the museum is so huge but we managed to see most of it my favorite piece was the  Victory of Samothrace  
I loved the Eiffel Tower it's beautiful which I never associated with it till I actually saw it
Wandering the streets enjoying the weather  
Paris at night 
Being together with my husband in the city of love
and endless other things like the bustling Latin quarter, the opera, macaroons and the amazing hot chocolate

What do you associate with paris??

Monday, April 25, 2011

I am back

I am back from my awesomely fabulistic vacation and can't wait to share the experiences with you guys
here's a preview of things to come 

Going to catch up on my blog reading now 
have a good week :)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Blog Hiatus,OOTD

As I have said I am going on a vacation and would not be posting for the next few weeks, since no one was able to get the location I will tell you and it's "Italy" ya they do spend more on hair care than education, guess thats why all of them have beautiful hair and look so good. Any suggestions regarding Italy would be very welcome.

And here's what I wore to a lunch date with a friend 
I have been looking for a outdoor location to shoot my pics but everywhere I go there are people so am back to my house for now :)

Ciao for now would see you(virtually) when I get back, be happy 

Sunday, April 3, 2011

It's not another maniac Monday

A good monday morning to everybody, I have been MIA last week but I was recovering from a viral infection and had friends visiting(which helped me recover faster :) )
How was your weekend besides celebrating India's win??
I am super excited this week cause I am going on a holiday!!! I know it happens quite often but this one is a special one and I am going somewhere I have always wanted to go, every time I think about it I do virtual cartwheels :)
It's the nation where they spend more on haircare than education and it's there on almost everybody's travel list, any guesses???
I didn't click any outfit pics but this is what I wear 90% of time
not exactly this outfit I am not gross but some version of it

Tee: Espirit
Shorts:Cotton World
Bangles: Colaba
Have a happy week people I know I will 

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Cricket, blog anniversary etc etc

So India won the cricket match and the whole country went nuts I couldn't sleep till 2 AM because of the street party going on in my apartment complex.
At the risk of public lynching I would say what's the big deal?? and in all probability the match was fixed, imagine leaving 5 catches of Tendulkar in one match hah! I am being a party pooper I know but i am tired of all this talk about our great Indian team and reading people's Facebook status so I am ranting here 

For my non indian readers: cricket is a very popular game in India and last night India won a world cup semi final against arch rivals Pakistan hence all the madness

I am back home from my travels and reveling in the quietness of my surroundings, missing my family though 

Would like to welcome my new readers thanks for reading this :) :)

Today is also the day when my blog has completed 1 year yay  for that
will do a proper anniversary post with a giveaway soon, a bit pressed for time right now

Saturday, March 26, 2011

What do you want to be

This weekend while going through some old stuff I found my old diaries and had a very good time reading them.
The 14 year old me was not very realistic(a complete dreamer actually) but she had quite a clear idea of the kind of woman she wanted to be when she grew up, I then compared that woman to myself and was very relieved to find myself fulfilling 14 year old shuchita's expectations :) except that part about Miss Universe he he :)
I slept very peacefully that night and am still on a high from that discovery
Are you the person you wanted to be when you were a kid? Did you or do you write a diary?

Here's the outfit of the day 

This is the first time I have worn a maxi dress and I am quite happy with the result it's perfect for the summers and so so comfy
 Maxi dress: forever 21
Bangles: M block market GK 
Sandals: Bandra
Ring: Bandra
Bag: Globus
Necklace: Forever 21

I was in Delhi for a day on the way to Ambala and the picture has been clicked there only bonus points if you can spot the location :)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Anniversary post

Last week was kinda busy what with it being our anniversary and all :) so couldn't post at all
19th March was our 2nd marriage anniversary and today we have been officially married for 2 years 2 days and unofficially we have been together since 10 years, 2 months and 4 days, you do the math :)
We celebrated by going to Goa for a short weekend break and it was a perfect romantic getaway with everything a girl could ask for aaah bliss!!!
We hardly took any pics cause we were too busy enjoying ourselves 

Falling in love with my husband was one of the best things that happened to me and I am thankful for that everyday 
He is the perfect person for me and life is beautiful with him around :)

Also, thanks you all for all the nice comments on my last post I am fine now(as evident by the post), it was a one day phenomenon which happens once in a blue moon but your comments meant a lot to me
Have a good week everybody 

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Copy Cat

I hope everyone is having a great weekend I for one am not despite doing all my favorite things :(
feeling depressed and now just want to lie in bed and read(thats what I do when I feel low) 

Went out for lunch at one of my favorite restaurants(an effort to cheer myself up failed obviously) and this is what I wore: almost a replica of what I wore last weekend same colors too

Top: Debenhams
Necklace: Accessorize
Belt: Baggit  
Amethyst Ring: Bandra
A matching manicure was not intentional but a coincidence 

Saturday, March 5, 2011

sigh of relief

I am sure everybody understands the reason for my relief cause my exams are over and I did well :))
 A big big thanks everybody for your wishes :) 
For my oral exam I actually managed to converse in Italian and sailed through the written one which was quite easy or may be I am a genius in languages :)
You know I actually had a discussion worthy topic in mind for this post but it just zoomed out of my mind the moment I started writing so I have just outfit pictures 

 This outfit is inspired by this post by dear Tanvi 
Today we actually shopped for husband which is quite a difficult task cause he always says he doesn't need anything and doesn't like to try things on.This is exactly opposite behavior from me so we balance out the equation :) 
I love this bird patterned cardigan and you are going to see a lot of it here
And now I have a date with popcorns, cold coffee and husband;in that order of importance only :)
Outfit details
Top: Promod (bought in 2008 I think)
Sweats: UCB
Cardi: Promod 
Earrings:Forever new
Shoes: Charles and Keith
Necklace: Gift for MIL

Monday, February 28, 2011

Tuesday Troubles

Second day of the week today and am not happy!!! a rare occasion I must tell you
why??? cause I have my language exams this week and of course I don't want to study, all I want to do is watch crappy TV, eat junk food and sleep sleep sleep
things I usually don't indulge in too much but exams make me want to do everything except study :)
Will make it a short post as I must tear myself away from all this and that and do the dreaded studying
I might be MIA for the rest of the week or not, lets see 

Here I am in happier times as you can judge from the goofy grin on my face
Occasion: retail therapy with best friend

Dress: Promod
Shoes: Banana Republic

Bag: Aldo
Necklace: Accessorize

Saturday, February 26, 2011


Hi All,
hope everyone is having a rocking weekend 
As I told you I met an old friend of mine after 4 years
and this is what I wore

Dress: Macy's
Bag: Simple Vera  gift from SIL 

Thursday, February 24, 2011

weekend planning

The weekend is here and my heart is singing happy songs :):)

No waking up early 
Catching up with all my favorite shows
Meeting an old friend after 4 years 
Eating a leisurely breakfast 
Eating out at one of my favorite places 
Watching a play

Here was  my weekend list what are your plans??

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Quickie update

Hello All,
A belated happy valentine's day to all, hope you all celebrated it with your loved ones.
I was in Hyderabad attending my nephew's 1st Birthday Party and had a blast with all my family. Now that everyone is working  we are all so busy that it's very rare that all the family manages to be together for any length of time so it was a very rare treat and I enjoyed to the hilt
The theme of the party was Winni the Pooh 
and here's what I wore 
Dress: Macy's
Shoes: Jessica Simpson
Tights: Vero Moda

I love colors and since color blocking is so in this season I thought I would incorporate it and wore red shoes instead of the usual black
I swear I pressed my dress but running after 1-2 year olds caused a few creases in it by the time the pic was clicked 
How was your valentines day??