Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Good things in life

Hope everyone is having a good time

We are getting to the most anticipated part of year and festival season is already here in Mumbai
Usually I get a bit depressed at this time of the year don't ask me why??
And how do I combat it???
dress up for dinner at home and compile the list of things to look forward to in the coming months, here is it:

1. Upcoming visit from my family in the next week
2. Diwali when I  visit my parents and be in my beloved city of delhi(I love mumbai equally it's a case of "distance makes the heart grow fonder")
3. My birthday :) 
4. Best friends wedding
5. Vacation 
6. My first half marathon 
7. New year
8. Husband's birthday
9. More weddings
10.More vacation 

do you make such lists??? I make lists and excel sheets for almost everything,apply filters make pie charts and then analyse everything :)
Does that make me neurotic!!! Freud would agree I am sure but I like it
Now that I have cheered up considerably here is the outfit I wore today at home for a grand meal of chapati, daal and veggies

Dress: Bizarre
Cardi: Promod
Shoes: jessica simpson 
Belt: Vero Moda

I am planning to start tomorrow in the gym with an intensive workout and some home cooked south indian breakfast(the breakfast part is already making me happy)
Have a good night and good day for others :)

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Monsoons in Goa

Last week husband had 2 days off so decided to head off to Goa for a mini vacation

What we did there was drink,eat,read,swim,sleep precisely in this order though we sometime made do with only drinking and no eating ;)

I was a bit skeptical about the trip initially but the skepticism was for naught,
Goa in monsoons is heavenly, my eyes hurt with seeing so much green and off season meant less people, which is always a bonus if you live in Mumbai 

When we go on a small vacation the stress is completely on relaxation and usually we don't venture out of the resort so all the pics have been clicked in the resort only, means don't expect to see pics of usual goa spots 

Resort grounds

   What did I say about less people, see the almost empty beach bliss!!!!

Here I did not mind the rains at all it, gave me an excuse to drink more tea :)
Top: Express
Pants: Zara
Never thought of myself as a tea drinker but apparently I am 
Featured here Assam Dikom tea 
This balcony was my fav. place in the resort because of the view and the solitude, we used to sit here every afternoon drinking tea, reading books

Here's the view from our tea drinking perch
Will share rest of the pics in subsequent posts now I am logging in to bloglovin and reading all the blogs 
Hope everybody had a good week