Friday, December 17, 2010

Scent of a memory

Yesterday I was reading something about perfumes, how it works, it's chemistry and ......
I use perfumes for a different reason all together besides the obvious, I use perfumes to capture memories

Whenever I go on a vacation or start a new job or am about to do something other than the usual I wear a new perfume and when I want to revive the memories I wear that perfume 
I have the perfume I wore on my honeymoon and wear that whenever I want to think about those days 
the whiff of that fragrance is a whiff of the days gone by and I swear I get transported back to those moments in my life....... bliss
Do you use your perfumes in this manner???
On a totally unrelated topic there are no good movies releasing aaah!!!!!! what's up with that production houses???
So, I was not at all expecting to like Band Baaja Baarat but it was surprisingly good :) and I totally loved 
maybe the fact that it is shot in Delhi and depicts the culture there has something to do with it but whatever I recommend watching it
it's loud, funny, romantic and has some awesome acting by the lead pair 
This is a three day weekend  and I am so happy to have three uninterrupted days with husband :) ear to ear grin
have a good weekend
see you soon

Saturday, December 4, 2010

desi style

Hello Everybody,
how're you??? I have been MIA since almost 1 month but in my defense I am travelling
Last year I was not able to visit north India during winters because of work but this year I have made up for that in fact more than made up for that
now I am actually missing the muggy Mumbai weather and Mumbai though I never thought I would feel like this but it has kinda grown on me so I am waiting for the day when I get to board my flight and go back to my normal life and my dear husband
Meanwhile here is a totally ethnic look 

A silk saree purchased from Bangalore
I love sarees and never miss an opportunity to wear one 

I think this is called a temple design saree and some how I have a lot of green sarees though I don't particularly like this color

Have a great weekend guys :) will try to be more regular with my posts