Sunday, October 31, 2010

I love this cat

hello all,
I am in New York enjoying the finishing fall, there are no winters in Mumbai and I looooooooooove the weather here
Also, happy Halloween everybody hope you had fun
my day was awesome, though it had nothing to do with Halloween and everything to do with mountains, snow flakes, great conversation , fall colors and the list goes on :) I am so happy today
 of course I have pics

Can you guess the place????
 I think I have given enough hints

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

karwa chauth

hey all,
It was karwa chauth on 26th a day on which women keep a no food no water fast for the long life of their husbands and of course the reason I am writing this is cause I also did that stayed a whole day without food or water which lots of women do without making a big deal about it like I am doing :) but that's me(shoulder shrug it's my signature move)
Sadistic moon rose really late and I along with lots of ladies and of course their husbands stayed glued in the buliding's park with the pooja ki thali all the while trying to ignore the aromas rising out of people's kitchen near by, had a food orgy afterwards though
Dressed up in traditional clothes and of course there is a pic
I love silk sarees and this a traditional orissa silk saree

I have reached my destination and surprisingly not jet lagged at all, will be posting more about that later, did any of your keep karwa chauth ????
do any of you guys also give your wives company and keep KC :)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Vanilla Moon

Hi all,
How's the week going???
Mine is going well with just a few minor hiccups that are a part of life, but have been  very efficient lately with completing my to do list every day from the last 3 days :) 
Maybe the malfunctioning of the TV has got something to do with it ;)
Trying to clean up the house completely before leaving for a trip next week, where am I going???
will post the pics and you guess 
Have not completed my diwali shopping and actually don't have much to shop also,
cause have not yet finished my goal of wearing all my ethnic dresses from my trousseau  at least once so have plenty of options at home, all in all in the spirit of not doing frivolous shopping(will power of iron) ha ha
today is grocery shopping day and this is what I wore

A simple white tee and blue jeans with some extras so it doesn't get too boring
Jeans: my trusted levis
T'shirt: life style 
shoes: Bandra

Necklace: Aldo
Bag: Bangkok
Bangles: Bandra

I don't know how but the lighting looks diff in the two(exaggerated shoulder shrug the way Italians do)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Rise and Shine

Hello people, 
It's Monday morning and I am feeling on top of the world despite a 1 hr grueling early morning yoga session "Anything that doesn't kill me, makes me stronger!" 
this is what I think while doing my yoga so either I am not as fit as I think or the asanas are really tough, I would like to believe the latter though ;)
weekend was spent searching for contemporary minimalistic unique and budget friendly furniture not an easy task I tell you
It was the budget friendly that made it so hard to find and the search is not over yet, if anyone knows about a good furniture store in Mumbai please tell me 
How was your weekend??
This is what I wore for the furniture hunt 

Top: Vero Moda
Bracelets: Accessorize and Forever New
Sunnies: Husband's

Love the charms bracelet it has roses and hearts in it :)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Quicky shorty post

Hello Everybody,
I have been MIA the past few weeks but a lot happening in life right now and MBA or not one thing I did not manage to learn in B school was multi tasking so blogging took a back seat
Was not able to read other blogs also and now suddenly I am missing  everybody
Did not click any outfit posts as there is this mad heat wave going on in Mumbai and hot weather and I do not have a very good working relationship :(
Good news is I have managed to stick to my workout schedule and diet, yoohoo for that
So ladies and gentlemen I propose a toast to Shuchita for waking up everyday at an unearthly  hour to make it to the yoga class and not giving in to the urgings of the goddess of sleep  (husband's very surprised and so is my mom though they won't admit it)
Hopefully I won't give up now
Will say bye now quicky shorty post you know
"Happy festival season to everybody" hope you have a great time with family and friends and have a fab weekend
Talking of family  here's mine

Monday, October 4, 2010

Mine is bigger than yours

I am not talking about what you might be thinking it was just a attention grabber hah!
I am talking about people trying to get one up the other no matter what the occasion is, you start talking about your illness and suddenly it becomes a competition so as to who has had the biggest illnesses in their family, you talk about something that you have bought and the other talks about something bigger and better that his aunt's neighbor's daughter has bought.You talk about your relationship troubles and the other start talking about how difficult it is and how she/he wisely(much more wisely than you) deals with such problems.

All the above are real life examples that I have encountered or observed(I am a notorious eavesdropper)
Everything in life is not a competition and sometimes we can listen to others with out making it all about ourselves.

Now since I myself am a self confessed chatter box,  you people must be thinking look who's talking(eye roll) but I am a good listener guys seriously swear on my favorite LBD

I know that sometimes we exhibit the above to empathize but don't just start blabbing about yourself when the other person is looking for somebody who can listen to her/him.
Do I sound totally preachy ??? I don't intend to but if I do bear it this time :) 
I wanted to talk about it cause most of the people are guilty of this offence despite good intentions 
I have also done it many times till the time I realized what I was doing and now try really hard not to talk about myself  too much and listen to  others.
Of course sometimes you totally can talk about yourself, gloat, blabber and just say what you want to say :) (what are husbands for)

Now on to a warning I want to give: Watch "Anjana Anjani" at your own peril the movie is not at all how it looks like in the trailers . It is preachy, boring and sad(was very surprised) with intermittent bouts of humor which we have already seen in the trailers being aired. And Priyanka wears bad clothes so there was nothing in it for me :(

 Lets look at the pics now , both clicked by my friend D 

Tights: Espirit
Bracelets: Accessorize and Forever New
Necklace: Accessorize
Shoes: Bandra

I wore this on an extremely hot day here in Mumbai to run errands which had to be done in the mall :) I wanted to feel comfy and cool hence, no accessories.

Thanks everyone for the comments on the last post I really love and value your comments.