Friday, December 17, 2010

Scent of a memory

Yesterday I was reading something about perfumes, how it works, it's chemistry and ......
I use perfumes for a different reason all together besides the obvious, I use perfumes to capture memories

Whenever I go on a vacation or start a new job or am about to do something other than the usual I wear a new perfume and when I want to revive the memories I wear that perfume 
I have the perfume I wore on my honeymoon and wear that whenever I want to think about those days 
the whiff of that fragrance is a whiff of the days gone by and I swear I get transported back to those moments in my life....... bliss
Do you use your perfumes in this manner???
On a totally unrelated topic there are no good movies releasing aaah!!!!!! what's up with that production houses???
So, I was not at all expecting to like Band Baaja Baarat but it was surprisingly good :) and I totally loved 
maybe the fact that it is shot in Delhi and depicts the culture there has something to do with it but whatever I recommend watching it
it's loud, funny, romantic and has some awesome acting by the lead pair 
This is a three day weekend  and I am so happy to have three uninterrupted days with husband :) ear to ear grin
have a good weekend
see you soon

Saturday, December 4, 2010

desi style

Hello Everybody,
how're you??? I have been MIA since almost 1 month but in my defense I am travelling
Last year I was not able to visit north India during winters because of work but this year I have made up for that in fact more than made up for that
now I am actually missing the muggy Mumbai weather and Mumbai though I never thought I would feel like this but it has kinda grown on me so I am waiting for the day when I get to board my flight and go back to my normal life and my dear husband
Meanwhile here is a totally ethnic look 

A silk saree purchased from Bangalore
I love sarees and never miss an opportunity to wear one 

I think this is called a temple design saree and some how I have a lot of green sarees though I don't particularly like this color

Have a great weekend guys :) will try to be more regular with my posts 

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I gotta feeling

hello all,
Hope everybody is having a happy week :)
I am finally jet lag free and ready to resume my life as it should be as a human, and not a nocturnal animal
Want to welcome all my new readers to the blog hope you are enjoying it here

The year is almost over and most of it has been spent travelling and there is more travelling on the cards as the great Indian wedding season approaches, so next week there is a big fat punjabi wedding that I have to attend and I am very happy about that, cause:

1. One of our closest friends is getting married and I am very excited about the wedding and the entry of another person in our quite small friend circle(big grin :)) 

2. I would get a chance to dress up and of course I can go completely overboard with the bling bling(though I most probably won't) as it's a shadi(wedding) and being a married woman that to a newly married woman I am expected to do nothing less 

3. I would get to experience true winters and will meet my old friends

So,I think I am completely justified in being excited about it aren't I???

Hopefully I will keep up with my fitness routine like I did on my last holiday
yeah!!! I am also surprised that I managed to exercise even on a holiday but I did not wanted to fall off the band wagon and start all over again 
Last year I went completely bonkers during the festival season and ended up gaining a lot of pounds, na na not happening this time so lets pack the yoga pants first 

And the OOTD

Wore this to a coffee date with a friend 
Top: soap opera Mumbai
Bag: Aldo
Shoes: Banana Republic
Jeans: CK
This is one of my favorite tops because of the color ,the sleeves and the interesting neck line  and the bag is flavor of the week in my closet 

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

B'day post

It was my B'day on 8th and this time I spent it in a very loooong flight, a first for me but we did the B'day celebration a day earlier so am good :)
As I turn a year older I wanted to reflect a bit on the year gone by 
Things I learnt in the last 1 year:
You are never too old to learn something new and you are always a work in progress
People can change and it's always worth a try to give them a new chance, just a tini tiny one initially to check if they have actually done so though 
Made peace with my career choices
Reaffirmed my notion that time does not heal, you just learn to live with the pain
Learnt to live more in the present
This was my list do you make any such lists???

Here are the pics
All set to party
Top and Skirt: Express
Shoes: Tresmode
It was really cold but the view made me get a click
Don't count the candles I am vain enough not to disclose my age :)

Hope everybody had a great weekend 

Sunday, October 31, 2010

I love this cat

hello all,
I am in New York enjoying the finishing fall, there are no winters in Mumbai and I looooooooooove the weather here
Also, happy Halloween everybody hope you had fun
my day was awesome, though it had nothing to do with Halloween and everything to do with mountains, snow flakes, great conversation , fall colors and the list goes on :) I am so happy today
 of course I have pics

Can you guess the place????
 I think I have given enough hints

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

karwa chauth

hey all,
It was karwa chauth on 26th a day on which women keep a no food no water fast for the long life of their husbands and of course the reason I am writing this is cause I also did that stayed a whole day without food or water which lots of women do without making a big deal about it like I am doing :) but that's me(shoulder shrug it's my signature move)
Sadistic moon rose really late and I along with lots of ladies and of course their husbands stayed glued in the buliding's park with the pooja ki thali all the while trying to ignore the aromas rising out of people's kitchen near by, had a food orgy afterwards though
Dressed up in traditional clothes and of course there is a pic
I love silk sarees and this a traditional orissa silk saree

I have reached my destination and surprisingly not jet lagged at all, will be posting more about that later, did any of your keep karwa chauth ????
do any of you guys also give your wives company and keep KC :)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Vanilla Moon

Hi all,
How's the week going???
Mine is going well with just a few minor hiccups that are a part of life, but have been  very efficient lately with completing my to do list every day from the last 3 days :) 
Maybe the malfunctioning of the TV has got something to do with it ;)
Trying to clean up the house completely before leaving for a trip next week, where am I going???
will post the pics and you guess 
Have not completed my diwali shopping and actually don't have much to shop also,
cause have not yet finished my goal of wearing all my ethnic dresses from my trousseau  at least once so have plenty of options at home, all in all in the spirit of not doing frivolous shopping(will power of iron) ha ha
today is grocery shopping day and this is what I wore

A simple white tee and blue jeans with some extras so it doesn't get too boring
Jeans: my trusted levis
T'shirt: life style 
shoes: Bandra

Necklace: Aldo
Bag: Bangkok
Bangles: Bandra

I don't know how but the lighting looks diff in the two(exaggerated shoulder shrug the way Italians do)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Rise and Shine

Hello people, 
It's Monday morning and I am feeling on top of the world despite a 1 hr grueling early morning yoga session "Anything that doesn't kill me, makes me stronger!" 
this is what I think while doing my yoga so either I am not as fit as I think or the asanas are really tough, I would like to believe the latter though ;)
weekend was spent searching for contemporary minimalistic unique and budget friendly furniture not an easy task I tell you
It was the budget friendly that made it so hard to find and the search is not over yet, if anyone knows about a good furniture store in Mumbai please tell me 
How was your weekend??
This is what I wore for the furniture hunt 

Top: Vero Moda
Bracelets: Accessorize and Forever New
Sunnies: Husband's

Love the charms bracelet it has roses and hearts in it :)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Quicky shorty post

Hello Everybody,
I have been MIA the past few weeks but a lot happening in life right now and MBA or not one thing I did not manage to learn in B school was multi tasking so blogging took a back seat
Was not able to read other blogs also and now suddenly I am missing  everybody
Did not click any outfit posts as there is this mad heat wave going on in Mumbai and hot weather and I do not have a very good working relationship :(
Good news is I have managed to stick to my workout schedule and diet, yoohoo for that
So ladies and gentlemen I propose a toast to Shuchita for waking up everyday at an unearthly  hour to make it to the yoga class and not giving in to the urgings of the goddess of sleep  (husband's very surprised and so is my mom though they won't admit it)
Hopefully I won't give up now
Will say bye now quicky shorty post you know
"Happy festival season to everybody" hope you have a great time with family and friends and have a fab weekend
Talking of family  here's mine

Monday, October 4, 2010

Mine is bigger than yours

I am not talking about what you might be thinking it was just a attention grabber hah!
I am talking about people trying to get one up the other no matter what the occasion is, you start talking about your illness and suddenly it becomes a competition so as to who has had the biggest illnesses in their family, you talk about something that you have bought and the other talks about something bigger and better that his aunt's neighbor's daughter has bought.You talk about your relationship troubles and the other start talking about how difficult it is and how she/he wisely(much more wisely than you) deals with such problems.

All the above are real life examples that I have encountered or observed(I am a notorious eavesdropper)
Everything in life is not a competition and sometimes we can listen to others with out making it all about ourselves.

Now since I myself am a self confessed chatter box,  you people must be thinking look who's talking(eye roll) but I am a good listener guys seriously swear on my favorite LBD

I know that sometimes we exhibit the above to empathize but don't just start blabbing about yourself when the other person is looking for somebody who can listen to her/him.
Do I sound totally preachy ??? I don't intend to but if I do bear it this time :) 
I wanted to talk about it cause most of the people are guilty of this offence despite good intentions 
I have also done it many times till the time I realized what I was doing and now try really hard not to talk about myself  too much and listen to  others.
Of course sometimes you totally can talk about yourself, gloat, blabber and just say what you want to say :) (what are husbands for)

Now on to a warning I want to give: Watch "Anjana Anjani" at your own peril the movie is not at all how it looks like in the trailers . It is preachy, boring and sad(was very surprised) with intermittent bouts of humor which we have already seen in the trailers being aired. And Priyanka wears bad clothes so there was nothing in it for me :(

 Lets look at the pics now , both clicked by my friend D 

Tights: Espirit
Bracelets: Accessorize and Forever New
Necklace: Accessorize
Shoes: Bandra

I wore this on an extremely hot day here in Mumbai to run errands which had to be done in the mall :) I wanted to feel comfy and cool hence, no accessories.

Thanks everyone for the comments on the last post I really love and value your comments.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

It's black and it's brown

I am alive, kicking , not so busy so the only excuse for not blogging is sheer laziness.
I had a reasonably good week and managed to do almost all that I wanted to except may be house work which I am not sure if I wanted to do ;) 
Saw "Wall Street" the movie (new one) with husband (mentioning it just for the purpose of public service) was a complete bore my advice: watch the first one again and skip this one
I did click one outfit pic today, wore it to go shopping, not for my shopping guys and gals I am restraining myself from shopping nowadays(only a bit though so no worries). 
here it is

Top: Zara
 Tights: Espirit
Necklace and Bangles: Coloba
Shoes: Bandra

 Showing off my B&W bow shaped hair clip from Twisted 

And now I am off to watch the latest episode of Merlin, I am a fantasy junkie I told you :) 
How was your weekend???

p.s thanks everybody for the comments on the last post I loved them all, UB when I was there I also expected for SRK to pop out in a field in a DDLJ pose :)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

I am back and glad to be here

I am finally back in Mumbai and do not intend to go anywhere for the next one month at least, 
I am done travelling !
usually it's the other way round and I complain for days about the end of our travels but it has been too much of a good thing these past few months 
So, for this month I will stay home, work out, do a bit of cooking, dancing and nothing :)
The weekend was fun and hectic with shopping trips to colaba and phoenix mills
not for me I am trying to shop less these days, a daunting task I must say
The trip was also great only regret being I was not able to meet up with dear Kiran :( 
And now here are the last lot of new zealand pics 

On the way to Milford Sound

Milford Sound first view

I am one happy girl in this pic

Milford Again

Ariel View Milford

Last leg of the journey at Mount Cook, behind us is a glacier lake the color of the water is grey cause it's completely pure

To say I was amazed would be an understatement

On the top of Tasman Glacier

Mount Cook the highest peak in NZ, to reach here you have to come to the small town of Mount Cook and there is only one hotel here so have to book in advance during peak season

This was the only thing available for vegetarians and I am not happy about it

 A random pic from akaroa(this place is 1 hr away from Christ Church again very beautiful)

This is the last pic we clicked in NZ in Christ Church

And here endth the posts on New Zealand 

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Nostalgia my friend

I am in Delhi right now(thats why no posts)and met my college room mate last week, needless to say it was great to meet her, especially since I live in Mumbai now and hardly get to see her
We spent the whole day together, shopped, talked, ate at fab places and did a lot of people watching so all in all a day well spent.
Meeting old friends, recounting college stories, discussing our previous antics has a curious effect on me, suddenly I start feeling extremely nostalgic and I yearn for the days gone by, for those late night coffee sessions in winters on the roof of the hostel, cooking maggi in the room, studying together before an exam and the gossip ;)
oh! how I miss that shared sense of sisterhood we had, now I am being dramatic but.....
Don't misunderstand me I am perfectly happy in the present and would not want to change my life, except for a few things of course(I am not the "I don't have any regrets" kind) and would definitely  not want to do the studying before exam part(horrified gasp)
I just feel that nostalgia is just one of the ways to connect with your past, I don't think it's bad at all
what are your views about nostalgia??

Obviously this is my friend :) and this post is dedicated to you my dear Reena thanks for being there for me always.

p.s will be back to doing regular posts from next week 

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Just another not manic monday

Hello all you wonderful people,
A very good morning hope you are having a good good morning I know I am :)
Do I sound disgustingly cheerful on a Monday morning???? that's cause I don't have to go to work and tomorrow I am going for a trip that will involve meeting family, friends and shopping yeeee :)

Now if this isn't reason enough for being happy what is???
To top that weekend was marvelous, husband and I had a fabulous time, we worked out and swam(had to nag him a lot to accompany me for both of these), ate out at new places(which I love doing, I abhor monotony) and watched  movies sitting hand in hand so all in all a perfect weekend 
I read a very disturbing news in paper on Saturday which made me very sad and I wrote a post also on that but then decided not to publish it cause why ruin other people's day right!!! maybe some other time 

Saw Rahul Mahajan and his wife in the mall completely surrounded by bodyguards, do I hear Rahul who???? 
for those who know him- why does he need  security, as if he is ever getting mobbed hah !!! ya ya sometimes I am mean(wicked laugh)
Camera still not working so I have posted an old pic

Late night coffee at Taj
Top: Lajpat Nagar Delhi
Watch: Gift from my BFF
Ear rings: Bandra 

Friday, September 3, 2010

Seven things you may have always wanted to know

I read this post over at Kiran's blog and the rules for this are you tell 7 things about yourself and then tag others
so here goes,
  1. I love eating maggi noodles and eat it at least once in 15 days
  2. I am a complete chatter box and start talking the moment I get up in the morning 
  3. Consider my self to be very empathetic and always try to understand a situation from other person's perspective
  4. Am a total couch potato and watch a lot of tv(no not the saas bahu dramas silly!!! but cool stuff)
  5. I love giving advice but never unsolicited
  6. I still read Enid Blyton stories sometimes and ya I read chick lit also
  7. My fitness role model is Bipasha Basu(an Indian actress) and swimming and belly dancing are my fav. form of exercise
I am not tagging anyone but would really like it, if you would do the tag, you can do it in the comments sections or make a post up to you guys :) looking forward to knowing you better.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Awards :)

I have been given two awards by Upasana of The It Fashion who has the coolest blog, do check it out guys.
This or these are my first awards and a big thanks for them Upasana you have made my month :)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Post of shame

I had written a post in June outlining my intention to do a Julie and Julia type fitness project with detailed guidelines, but as it is obvious I did not follow through,hang my head in shame :(
why obvious?? cause had I done it, I would have written about it
I do have a lot of excuses that sounded legit at that time, but as I said they were just excuses 
But as said earlier also GIVE UP I DO NOT 
So starting tomorrow I will go back to my project fitness, I do not have any weight loss goals all I want to be is fit and healthy and ya of course be able to wear what I want :):) thats realistic right???
I am also going to start a workout diary on the blog(got the idea from here
And now that I have shouted out my plans to the whole wide world I have to do it or.... nah!!!! there are no ors in this story fellas, I am going to do it (beating my chest and giving a war cry)
I have declared war on you love handles and junk food cravings and I intend to win
yaaa got a bit carried away I think the war cry had something to do with it(husband did look at me in a strange manner )

BTW its raining really hard in bombay and today I stood in ankle deep water with god knows what in it for 30 min looking for a cab, we have no infrastructure!!!!! no matter what the growth rate and blah blah blah

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Travel Diaries New Zealand - 2 Queens Town

This is the part 2 of New Zealand travel post,  for the uninitiated read the first part here
After Dunedin it was off to queens town through the southern scenic route which is a bit longer but scenic so that decided it for us.

On the way(Dunedin to queens town) its a journey of 8 hrs but the drive is a breeze and there are lots of cafes and farms where you can stop have coffee, buy fruits and freshly made ice cream 
This was taken at clyde dam, which is also a camping site
On the shore of lake Wakatipu in Queens town,its 5 min of walking distance from city center, in the background are Remarkable mountains where LOTR was shot. People of NZ are so lucky they get a chance to live in the midst of such beauty,
 ya I am totally jealous
I did bungee jumping well to be honest its called swing but it did involve jumping off a cliff,
and it was on my bucket list :) the last structure is from where you jump and I did it twice 
This is the city center with an Indian restaurant in the backdrop, I do love different cuisines but after a week of non Indian food,I do feel like having something spicy and familiar but NZ has Indian restaurants in every major city so not a problem.

Queens Town is called the adventure capital of the world and you can do all kinds of sports here, we did only bungee and jet boating, but there are tonnes of other options, trekking, kayaking, canoe, boat cruise etc.... so basically something for everyone.

Will cover Milford Sound in the next post supposedly the most beautiful place in NZ.
Have a great Monday :)