Friday, December 17, 2010

Scent of a memory

Yesterday I was reading something about perfumes, how it works, it's chemistry and ......
I use perfumes for a different reason all together besides the obvious, I use perfumes to capture memories

Whenever I go on a vacation or start a new job or am about to do something other than the usual I wear a new perfume and when I want to revive the memories I wear that perfume 
I have the perfume I wore on my honeymoon and wear that whenever I want to think about those days 
the whiff of that fragrance is a whiff of the days gone by and I swear I get transported back to those moments in my life....... bliss
Do you use your perfumes in this manner???
On a totally unrelated topic there are no good movies releasing aaah!!!!!! what's up with that production houses???
So, I was not at all expecting to like Band Baaja Baarat but it was surprisingly good :) and I totally loved 
maybe the fact that it is shot in Delhi and depicts the culture there has something to do with it but whatever I recommend watching it
it's loud, funny, romantic and has some awesome acting by the lead pair 
This is a three day weekend  and I am so happy to have three uninterrupted days with husband :) ear to ear grin
have a good weekend
see you soon


  1. Have heard good reviews about the movie all over. Have to watch it. I do not have such memories attached to my perfumes. But I do with my husband's colognes! :)

  2. Will watch the movie.

    I am allergic to perfume :)))) So a lots of memories of sneezing. :))

  3. I am always disappointed with perfumes for they don't smell as good on me as it does on others. I often wonder why?
    I am happy you don't have that problem.

  4. Oh my goodness, I have the same thing with perfumes. Its funny how perfumes remind me of specific memories! I am glad I am not the only one :)

    Thanks for the movie recommendation, I can always use one!

  5. I have a sensitive nose so can't use all perfumes available in store :-)) ..

    hey "A" I also have the same prob of sneezing then I tried roll on perfumes and it kind of helped with the sneezing issue... Have you tried?

  6. well scent and memories go always hand in it scent of a perfume or cologne or even incense sticks :)

  7. Hey,

    Nice and interesting post...:)


  8. Sweet, never thought of perfumes that way. Will try one next time, I venture out something different.

  9. never thought about perfumes

  10. Well, I'm a 'perfume person', I hunt down scents, I get them from France occasionally, I read up and research them and learn about the industry. So, yes I do use them in that manner...different scents for different moods, weather, types of clothing...

  11. The way I wear my perfumes are a bit different and a bit similar. My day to day would be some vanilla. M party wear would be opium or Lola (Marc Jacobs). To uplift my mood would be Happy by Clinique. This is how my things work.

    Have to watch the movie yet.

  12. Hi.. chanced upon your blog today ... liked it..and in band bajaa barat the acting by the lead duo was really good!!!...

  13. This is an interesting way to wear perfume. I like it.

  14. Happy New Year 2011 Sucheta. May 2011 bring more 'perfumes' of joy and happiness.

  15. Happy New Year!
    Where are you this year?


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