Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I gotta feeling

hello all,
Hope everybody is having a happy week :)
I am finally jet lag free and ready to resume my life as it should be as a human, and not a nocturnal animal
Want to welcome all my new readers to the blog hope you are enjoying it here

The year is almost over and most of it has been spent travelling and there is more travelling on the cards as the great Indian wedding season approaches, so next week there is a big fat punjabi wedding that I have to attend and I am very happy about that, cause:

1. One of our closest friends is getting married and I am very excited about the wedding and the entry of another person in our quite small friend circle(big grin :)) 

2. I would get a chance to dress up and of course I can go completely overboard with the bling bling(though I most probably won't) as it's a shadi(wedding) and being a married woman that to a newly married woman I am expected to do nothing less 

3. I would get to experience true winters and will meet my old friends

So,I think I am completely justified in being excited about it aren't I???

Hopefully I will keep up with my fitness routine like I did on my last holiday
yeah!!! I am also surprised that I managed to exercise even on a holiday but I did not wanted to fall off the band wagon and start all over again 
Last year I went completely bonkers during the festival season and ended up gaining a lot of pounds, na na not happening this time so lets pack the yoga pants first 

And the OOTD

Wore this to a coffee date with a friend 
Top: soap opera Mumbai
Bag: Aldo
Shoes: Banana Republic
Jeans: CK
This is one of my favorite tops because of the color ,the sleeves and the interesting neck line  and the bag is flavor of the week in my closet 


  1. I really liked your bag and this top is cute too..hope you have a nice time in your friends marriage..

    Look ravishing :)

  2. Nice color top. Enjoy your friend's weddings and do share some pictures with us.

  3. I'm liking the color of the top..

  4. Hi Shuchita..thanks for dropping by..
    i LOVE your bag, i have been wanting these chained long bangs for a while now...must check out aldo.

  5. I am jet lagged now. Let us see how long it takes me to stay like that and then getting back is worst.

    Have fun in your friend's marriage. Well you will anyway.

  6. me likes your bag, am following you now please follow back :P :D

  7. You are absolutely right in getting excited. I would be tooo ... :)

    You look great in the pictures!

  8. beautiful pics
    sure you will enjoy wedding
    congrats to your friend

  9. I am happy you are having fun and enjoying life.

  10. Nice to have you back. The top is also my favorite color. Beautiful. Enjoy.

  11. Hey Shuchita,

    Good you are all geared up for the wedding. It is always fun. And sometimes bling is also fun.

    Do check out Kingdom of Dreams and Zangoora show in Gurgaon.

  12. Weddings are so much fun, I think your happiness and excitement is justified!


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