Tuesday, November 9, 2010

B'day post

It was my B'day on 8th and this time I spent it in a very loooong flight, a first for me but we did the B'day celebration a day earlier so am good :)
As I turn a year older I wanted to reflect a bit on the year gone by 
Things I learnt in the last 1 year:
You are never too old to learn something new and you are always a work in progress
People can change and it's always worth a try to give them a new chance, just a tini tiny one initially to check if they have actually done so though 
Made peace with my career choices
Reaffirmed my notion that time does not heal, you just learn to live with the pain
Learnt to live more in the present
This was my list do you make any such lists???

Here are the pics
All set to party
Top and Skirt: Express
Shoes: Tresmode
It was really cold but the view made me get a click
Don't count the candles I am vain enough not to disclose my age :)

Hope everybody had a great weekend 


  1. Happy birthday!!! Your list is thoughtful. I don't make any such.

  2. Happy Birthday. :))) We have one thing in common.

  3. That cake looks delicious and you look very pretty!

    I agree with - Time does not heal, you just learn to live with the pain

  4. Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthdayyyyyy dear Shuchita
    Happy Birthday tooooo youuuuuu

  5. Wish you a very Happy belated Birthday. I like the express skirt and top.
    Live in Present- taught by Art of Living- because present is inevitable.

  6. Hey Suchita, nice stuff u've got here :)...i am following your blog!!
    and btw, belated b'day wishes...hope you had loads of fun :)

  7. A very belated Happy Birthday!! Looking pretty as always..hope you had a good time in NY :)

  8. Hey! Belated Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great year ahead :)

  9. u looking beautiful as ever..
    happy b'day.
    "Reaffirmed my notion that time does not heal, you just learn to live with the pain"
    this is the best part of blog simply loved it...

  10. Where did you go?
    Happy Birthday and Happy Diwali too.

  11. thanks for your comment Suchita :)

  12. loove these pictures!!!xx


  13. loving that outfit... nyc in the background...my city :)


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