Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Quickie update

Hello All,
A belated happy valentine's day to all, hope you all celebrated it with your loved ones.
I was in Hyderabad attending my nephew's 1st Birthday Party and had a blast with all my family. Now that everyone is working  we are all so busy that it's very rare that all the family manages to be together for any length of time so it was a very rare treat and I enjoyed to the hilt
The theme of the party was Winni the Pooh 
and here's what I wore 
Dress: Macy's
Shoes: Jessica Simpson
Tights: Vero Moda

I love colors and since color blocking is so in this season I thought I would incorporate it and wore red shoes instead of the usual black
I swear I pressed my dress but running after 1-2 year olds caused a few creases in it by the time the pic was clicked 
How was your valentines day??


  1. Love the color of your dress. Looks like you had fun at the kiddie party.

  2. Happy Valentine to you too :))

  3. @Tanvi: yeah i did
    @A: thanks
    @Kiran: Thanks dear

  4. Lovely dress, Creases from running around - ha ha - story of my life.

    Just kidding, happy Valentines' day and you look gorgeous as usual. I love your dress.

  5. wow.. this si my first visit here but I am sure it won't be my last

  6. lovely color blocking....and its always nice to get together with your kiths and kins...
    I am just back from home after a week long post-placement holiday...yeah I got placed :) on valentines' day.

  7. Thanks everybody for the nice comments surely going to wear that dress again


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