Saturday, March 26, 2011

What do you want to be

This weekend while going through some old stuff I found my old diaries and had a very good time reading them.
The 14 year old me was not very realistic(a complete dreamer actually) but she had quite a clear idea of the kind of woman she wanted to be when she grew up, I then compared that woman to myself and was very relieved to find myself fulfilling 14 year old shuchita's expectations :) except that part about Miss Universe he he :)
I slept very peacefully that night and am still on a high from that discovery
Are you the person you wanted to be when you were a kid? Did you or do you write a diary?

Here's the outfit of the day 

This is the first time I have worn a maxi dress and I am quite happy with the result it's perfect for the summers and so so comfy
 Maxi dress: forever 21
Bangles: M block market GK 
Sandals: Bandra
Ring: Bandra
Bag: Globus
Necklace: Forever 21

I was in Delhi for a day on the way to Ambala and the picture has been clicked there only bonus points if you can spot the location :)


  1. The location is too good, it looks like it was shot somewhere in some small town abroad, but it is India, good. Maxi dresses has been there for ages, it is very comfortable and stylish too, a real summer dress. And it suits you, so now that you know it looks good on you, continue to wear them.

  2. loved d dress on u...
    n so nice to hear that u are what u always wantedto be..thgs not going as I wanted them to in my life...luck..!! hope thgs turn for the better...waiting..n fingers crossed..

  3. it is showing and thanks for the compliment
    best of luck to you dear I am sure things will take a turn for better

  4. Shuchita, I love your long dress, it is so gorgeous!

    You shared my dream of being a miss universe my friend, guess the universe couldn't have handled our beauty!

  5. Love the Maxi on you! Perfect for the summers. Husband's Nani's place is Ambala. What takes you there? i didn't write a diary ... but I am quite sure I am the person I always wanted to be :)

  6. I love your maxi dress.
    I wanted to see your necklace more clearly. Cant see. seems something interesting.
    I want to recognize this location. But cannot and it is irritating me. Why can't I? Give me a hint...

  7. m from delhi and my most frequent hangout is select city. i cnt figure out this one it one of those vasant kunj malls?? i don't go there too often, so not sure..
    if i m write let me know on my blog :)

  8. BollywoodstylediariesMarch 28, 2011 at 8:23 AM

    Nice, colorful dress!!

    thx for stopping by my blog!


  9. OMG You are so cute! <3 the maxi!
    When I started reading I thought you were 14!:P but then I sat and read your blog for an hour!:P Its lovely! :)
    I loved reading the post.. I am getting where I wanted to be I guess... wasn't very difficult for me cause I had a new thing everyday.. and its the same today. :P

  10. Dear Ikya,
    Don't know where to contact you so replying here, Thanks so much for the lovely lovely comment it made me so happy :)good to hear you are getting there for me also it's work in progress cause the new me has new expectations.

  11. looking chic in the maxi dress.... its great to see you goal at 14 is fulfilled...

  12. I love love love that dress.

  13. You should have given it a try ... Love the maxi on you.

  14. i have always found that Maxi Dressed are very difficult to carry off.... looking at you i m sooo inspired...
    sarojini nagar here i come....

  15. you look super fab girl!! love that maxi dress on you :)

  16. If only I could get my hands on my diary from childhood! It's true how all of us retain some things while improving on others.

    Cute maxi. :)

  17. Thanks so much Katyayni I also thought the same till i tried one on

  18. thanks simple girl


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