Saturday, August 20, 2011

Run the world

Hey Everyone hope you all are having a great weekend!!

I am doing the usual reading,movies,window shopping(trying to shop less if you remember) and a visit to the lakme fashion week

Here's what I wore:

Top and Pants: Zara
Tank: Banana Republic
Shoes: Bata
ps: thanks for your suggestions in the last post 

pps: the title of the post has no connection to the post I just love this song 


  1. Lovely outfit!I want those shoes too.Bata?Really?Is it a recent buy?

  2. Looking good. Btw that Wibya bar still kept coming in between your post! :)

    ♡ from ©

  3. Have a great weekend :)) Nice crisp colorful pictures.

  4. Wow, good to have you back Shuchita :)... and your red pants are really awesome.. reminded of the tourist u clicked in Milan.. very very stylish..
    keep musing..:)

  5. @gunjan: ya it's bata no it's not a recent buy I bought them in January

  6. love love love this outfit :):)

    thanks for your wishes!!

  7. You look like a million bucks. Do share some pics of Lakme fashion week.

  8. Ohhhhh.. Red pants!! Have to buy one!!.. bt i am skeptical about the looks I'll get if I wear them.. As it is a very Bold N Bright color.. hmmm.. Bt u teamed it with Neutral heels... wic is gr8 :)


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