Tuesday, August 16, 2011


So I have been MIA for a long long time now and even though I wanted to say the reason for that is the super important things I have been doing and how busy I have been but that would be too far from reality
I have not been busy just been super lazy getting a degree in couch potatodom and did not want to bore anyone with mundane details from my life 
even thought about quitting blogging for good but I love interacting with you people too much to do that hopefully this time I would stay motivated enough to blog regularly 

One thing I have been thinking about this couple of days is what do you do when your friend is in a relationship with a person you dislike and you have done all in your power to get along with that person but still things don't work out

Do you stop being friends with your friend
Limit interaction with them
Tell your friend about it and say that you don't want to go on double dates or spend time with their partner
Just keep suffering in silence 

Do tell me your views and have you ever been in such a situation??

Here's a pic of something I wore over the weekend, I tried my hand at mixing prints, what do you think?? hit or miss??
Also trying to limit my shopping by remixing my clothes 

Maxi: Forever 21
previously worn here
Necklace: Accessorize 
Shoes: Marie Claire(Bata)
Cardi: Zara


  1. u look gud..n d prints ovr prints is looking very nice

  2. I'm in the exact same situation. I have told my friend not to discuss The guy with me when we are together and I have restricted contact with them. The friendship does strain. Fingers crossed for her to get wiser. Love your outfit.

  3. In an ideal world, I would ask you to tell your friends exactly why you don't like the person she is in relationship with. There might be strong reason. Your friend will NOT like you for sometime but if in the long run it helps her, you should.

    If your friend is not very close to you, ignore your friend too and stay away.

    It comes down to your rapport with your friend and how close you are with your friend - whether to tell or not.

  4. I don't know my comment will help you solve the dilemma about the friend. But let me solve the other dilemma i.e. blog or no blog...answer is simple...KEEP BLOGGING. Just take my word for it:)))

  5. U shd try n convince ur frd..n if she doesnt agree..den let them be..limit interaction may be..u did wat u can..
    I love ur dress..combo is nice..n do not quit blogging..:)

  6. A) It is a HIT! :) Love the mixing.

    B) I think your decision will depend on how close you are to your friend? If VERY close then you might have to suffer in silence and may be dodge the plans ever now and then. But if not that close then just meet one to one and tell her your husband is busy.

    ♡ from © tanvii.com

    P.S. The Wibya bar is scrolling up and down and coming in between the post.

  7. Your combination is a hit.
    I like your third pose the best.
    Cant give many suggestions and tips about your dilemma.

  8. hmmm.. I have been in a similar situation.. In my case I tried explaining it to my friend.. but it didn't work for obvious reasons!! so I stopped complaining/worrying!! It was lil weird at first later I got used to it :)

    btw nice blog.. following u now :)


  9. I know I am bit late on this, but here are my two cents: Unless the dope you have against him involves him cheating on your friend or being involved in illegal activities I suggest you keep your thghts to yourself. A relationship is a complex matter & as outsiders we rarely have a clue of what attracts the two - your friend may choose her relationship over friendship with you. I suggest you just avoid going out with them if you wld like to keep her as friend.

  10. Cute maxi.. n u look so gud in d the last pic


  11. Loved ur B&W strip Cardigan.
    Looking chic and sasssy in this outfit. Nice post and I'm following u. U can so as well if u like mine,



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