Sunday, September 4, 2011

Monsoons in Goa

Last week husband had 2 days off so decided to head off to Goa for a mini vacation

What we did there was drink,eat,read,swim,sleep precisely in this order though we sometime made do with only drinking and no eating ;)

I was a bit skeptical about the trip initially but the skepticism was for naught,
Goa in monsoons is heavenly, my eyes hurt with seeing so much green and off season meant less people, which is always a bonus if you live in Mumbai 

When we go on a small vacation the stress is completely on relaxation and usually we don't venture out of the resort so all the pics have been clicked in the resort only, means don't expect to see pics of usual goa spots 

Resort grounds

   What did I say about less people, see the almost empty beach bliss!!!!

Here I did not mind the rains at all it, gave me an excuse to drink more tea :)
Top: Express
Pants: Zara
Never thought of myself as a tea drinker but apparently I am 
Featured here Assam Dikom tea 
This balcony was my fav. place in the resort because of the view and the solitude, we used to sit here every afternoon drinking tea, reading books

Here's the view from our tea drinking perch
Will share rest of the pics in subsequent posts now I am logging in to bloglovin and reading all the blogs 
Hope everybody had a good week 


  1. The last pic is great. Glad you enjoyed the rains. Its always a delight to see the greens after a rain.

  2. True even we always go to Goa during the rains, not do you find less, but also great discounts and deals in all the best resorts.All the pictures are beautiful. Glad to know you got a break and made good use of it.

  3. Never been to Goa looks heavenly though hoping to do so soon.

  4. Thanks for taking us along. I'm craving for such a relaxing weekend.

  5. oh! the tea and all the goodies that come with it..your red pants and leopard print looks amazing :)

  6. We went to Goa during Mansson but it was crowded. Nevertheless we enjoyed. Nice pictures :))))

  7. one of my close friends holidayed in GOa in the monsoons and she simply loved it....I was also amazed by the beauty of monsoons in Goa in her pics!!!!

    and the magic of high tea while its raining...too good!!!

    your pics are cool!!!

  8. Wow loved all pics...The pics makes me nostalgic of our beach holidays....

  9. WOW!! I'm so jealous! i want a vacation badly.....
    great shots! and you look super awesome in that maxi:)

  10. Gahhh! i love goa! lovely pictures :)

  11. Goa looks really nice..very green and inviting!

  12. Wow.. I love GOA.. I last went with my family when I was 10.. nw m 21.. srsly.. I need a beach!!! :D
    Cool pics :)


  13. i am craving for a vacay in goa
    its my hometown
    btw i am ur new follower!
    love ur blog

  14. Simply beautifully captured shots...lovely!

  15. lovely and cool pictures. Hope it would be amongst your memorable trips.
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