Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Good things in life

Hope everyone is having a good time

We are getting to the most anticipated part of year and festival season is already here in Mumbai
Usually I get a bit depressed at this time of the year don't ask me why??
And how do I combat it???
dress up for dinner at home and compile the list of things to look forward to in the coming months, here is it:

1. Upcoming visit from my family in the next week
2. Diwali when I  visit my parents and be in my beloved city of delhi(I love mumbai equally it's a case of "distance makes the heart grow fonder")
3. My birthday :) 
4. Best friends wedding
5. Vacation 
6. My first half marathon 
7. New year
8. Husband's birthday
9. More weddings
10.More vacation 

do you make such lists??? I make lists and excel sheets for almost everything,apply filters make pie charts and then analyse everything :)
Does that make me neurotic!!! Freud would agree I am sure but I like it
Now that I have cheered up considerably here is the outfit I wore today at home for a grand meal of chapati, daal and veggies

Dress: Bizarre
Cardi: Promod
Shoes: jessica simpson 
Belt: Vero Moda

I am planning to start tomorrow in the gym with an intensive workout and some home cooked south indian breakfast(the breakfast part is already making me happy)
Have a good night and good day for others :)


  1. haha...I make excel-sheet-list too...all the time :)

    love the pop of color to your black and white outfit!! you look super cute..

    and oh yes, about Mausam - it could have been a great movie... I liked the concept..but the story-telling was screwed up...

  2. Oh my god. Excel spreadsheet and then Pie chart...I never do such thing. Seems like a lot happened around this time...

    For me also:- Navratri, my birthday, Diwali, Thanks Giving, Christmas, my daughter's birthday, anniversary..........oh gosh..

  3. I miss festival season so much. Even though I am miles away from home, the spirit just makes me happy.

    I am a list lover and I think that is the only way i can get things done! I love your outfit.

  4. the dress looks cute..
    Red hs always pulled me...whether shoes or clutches or anything ...its a fashion statement in true means..
    TC..keep smiling.

  5. WOW! Looks like a great time ahead for you ... and on top of that you look fantastic! :D

    ♡ from ©

  6. Its always good to pep oneself up..... keeps the spirits up.

  7. I like the heels and the skirt :)

    I make lists, reminders,, n everything on my mobile.. nt Xcel :D New Idea..hehe

  8. love the skirt very cute dear;)like to follow each other?kisses La Folie 

  9. It sounds like you have so much to look forward to in the coming months! I am a list-maker, too, although I had never thought of adding pie charts- it actually sounds brilliant :) Love your outfit by the way, the pop of pink in your heels is really beautiful.

  10. Yay! for polka dots..I have a polka dress that I got recently and I will soon do a post on that...I think I should get a polka skirt ur mixing and matching :)

    Hope your friend will find something useful on my blog :)

  11. Cute outfit! Love the skirt!


  12. You have a great list! Love your outfit, the top is fabulous! xo -Taj

  13. I live off of lists all the time. I am looking to run a 5K. Good luck on your 1/2 marathon.

    Also note, I had a few issues with my blog and had to take it down and create a new blog.

  14. So chic and fashionist blog....nice.
    will follow u back, checked out mine at

  15. So good to stumble upon your blog.

    Love love love. I am a fitness freak too. XOXO .

    You look great. I know even I have been busy and enjoying catching up with so many events. There is a lot on the plate :)



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