Sunday, October 31, 2010

I love this cat

hello all,
I am in New York enjoying the finishing fall, there are no winters in Mumbai and I looooooooooove the weather here
Also, happy Halloween everybody hope you had fun
my day was awesome, though it had nothing to do with Halloween and everything to do with mountains, snow flakes, great conversation , fall colors and the list goes on :) I am so happy today
 of course I have pics

Can you guess the place????
 I think I have given enough hints


  1. Bear Mountain is it?? Super like your outfit..!Hope you got a chance to see the halloween parade :)

  2. I can't guess but I can see that you are in a beautiful place and enjoying yourself completely. You look radiant. Have a fantastic trip and keep posting such beautiful pictures.

  3. looks like the perfect fall day :)

  4. You look great Shuchita! But I have no clue about the place - Vermont may be?

  5. Fall colors are awesome. It is somewhere in upstate New York;

  6. Hey , beautiful, you must be in a very beautiful place only. Have fun.

  7. My guess is either you are driving up to Maine or you are driving to Niagara falls.

    Beautiful pics. Let me know if you coming down to Dallas, Texas?

  8. Welcome to USA. Hope you have a good time. Any chance of visiting West Coast?

  9. Fall is the most beautiful season with all the gorgeous colours around :) Enjoy your stay here:)


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