Saturday, January 15, 2011

Blogger return

Hello All,
How's the weekend going???
Mine is slow and lazy involving tasty food and watching Eclipse on DVD :)
I have been a very irregular blogger and that has been a conscious decision but I still read all the other blogs though I have been a bit slow when it comes to comments sorry for that(sheepish smile)
So what have I been doing?? here's a list:
1. Cooking a lot, trying new dishes and I am thinking of blogging about it also what say you??
    I am no gourmet cook but a novice cook cooking by trial and error
2. I am learning a new language Italian yeeeee!!!! and it's so beautiful just hearing the teacher speak is 
3. House hunting which unfortunately did not result in anything huh!! damn you mumbai real estate
4. Regular workouts  
I also started logging my food daily in and it's very useful as it tells you the nutrients that are lacking in your diet and also tells you about the foods you need to eat to make up for it, I recommend it to anyone who is trying to eat healthy 

Here are a couple of outfit pics I managed to click

Wore this to a dinner with friends 
Top: new york and co
Shorts: new york and co
Shoes: Tresmode
Necalace: Esbeda
Bolero: AND
Wore this to my language class, Mumbai has turned chilly so wrap was added for a bit of warmth
Wrap: Pantaloons
Tights: Espirit
Shoes: Bandra
Necklace: Accessorize
Here's a closer look
Movie Night Outfit
Top: Really old can't remember
Jeans: Levies
Shoes: Charles and Kieth
Cardi: Zara
Bag: Aldo
Necklace: Gift from MIL
Have a nice Sunday people and I hope the slight winters continue in mumbai :)


  1. Sounds like a productive life from my eyes! :) On a holiday all calorie count has gone down the drain. But I am not complaining. I feel when I complain I get even more fat :P

  2. very pretty..loved all the outfits..esp the 2nd..:)
    n start cooking thg blogging..

  3. Wow! beautiful as ever. Enjoy the rare pleasantness of Mumbai.

  4. I really liked your 3rd outfit...its simple and awesome.
    And in other pics the backdrop of your picture frame is sweet indeed,like so many memories put together in a single frame.

  5. @Bhumika: thanks
    @simple girl: thanks babe
    @Rama:thanks dear ya I am completely enjoying it
    @RS:wow such a sweet and thoughtful comment

  6. you look great Suchita :) both the outfits!!

    looking forward to your recipe posts :):)

  7. Wonderful outfits. I seriously like all of them. I can relate to your style of dressing and quite like it.

  8. You should post recipes. Come on its your blog and you should post anything that's you.

    You look toned(more) in the pic with the red top.


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