Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Color blocked

Hello All,
I hope everyone is having a lovely week, it was a holiday here cause of 26th January and I do love middle of the week holidays :)
This is sale season and it's becoming very difficult for me to stop myself from buying stuff after looking at those flat 50% offs but I did not give in to the shopping demon inside me and only bought some stuff that I actually needed or lacked yeee!!! for that

Here are a couple of outfit pics in which I am not wearing pajamas(cause that is what i was doing lately)

have not shown my face cause of extremely silly expressions in all the pics of this outfit
Skirt: Vero Moda
Top:Hill road
Shoes: Venus steps
Necklace: originally came with another top 

An extremely simple and cool outfit which is perfect for mumbai mausam(weather)
Skirt&Top: Espirit
Shoes: Catwalk
Bangles: Dadar
Couple of months back I had written a post about getting out of my comfort zone when it came to dressing and am happy that these past few weeks I have worn something other than jeans, though it' still my garment of choice when I can't think of anything to wear but may be that would also change
have you done anything in the recent past that involves leaving your comfort zone???


  1. I like both the looks! The color blocking is done so well! :) Getting out of my comfort zone .... hmmm nothing I can think of right now!

  2. I like the blue shoes from Catwalk, looks really stylish. I hear Mumbai is very pleasant, enjoy the rare weather. Have a great weekend too.

  3. i lovvvvve your blue shoes !!!! And your grey skirt with purple top is a very nice combination

  4. Suchita,

    It is a coincident that you have Windmill and Tulip and I am in Amsterdam today....

    Good post. But I think your definition of 'need' is not correct. May be your definition of 'need of a shirt' don't have exact same color so you need that shirt...another exmaple you don't have dark black shoes but have black...but not dark you NEED dark is a different issue that most people cannot diffrentiate between dark black and black...

    Haha just being funny.

  5. hey I like your floral skirt it reminded of Hillary Swank in PS I Love You, its lovely:)

  6. Love the blue shoes, you are wearing it well. Definitely double thumbs up for not giving in to splurge.

  7. @PnB and Geeta: thanks :)
    @Rama: good weekend to you too
    @RS: i love that movie and thanks for the lovely comparison
    @A: Amsterdam wow would love to see a travel post on that and my need falls in the black and dark black shoes category only :)

  8. loved both the outfits.. specially the floral skirt.. it looks so vibrant and happy !!


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