Saturday, January 29, 2011

Smile please

All of us see  people everyday(other than family);  in the elevator, in the gym, at grocery store, in the mall etc... some of them are familiar faces and some are new but what i have noticed of us women is: we see, we stare but we will not smile, we will do a complete head to toe scan of the other person but will not say hello
Once or twice someone tries to say hello by trying to make eye contact but no, people will not even give you a chance to say hello
what is up with that???? we can stare at a person to judge the clothes or......
but we can not say hi!!!!
It does not cost anything to be friendly on the other hand it might win you a friend
of course the above is not true for everybody and there are perfectly nice normal people who smile at you, say hello and even compliment you, instead of staring at you trying to mentally figure out the place from where you might have bought the awesome bag
that's all I wanted to say on this topic
you are welcome to add to this 

and here is the outfit pic:
Top: vero moda
Tube top: vero moda
Shoes: Next
Bag: Dharavi
Bangles: Dadar
Ear rings: Phoenix Mills
We were going to an expo and I wanted to wear comfortable clothes and shoes, which is actually true for everything I wear :) wanted to add a bit of color to the simple white tee and jeans outfit so I wore colorful bangles  and carried my pink bag 

Hows your weekend going?? doing anything interesting??


  1. You very rightly pointed it out....
    usually females eschew from exchanging pleasantries even if you are familiar to them...

    'It does not cost anything to be friendly on the other hand it might win you a friend'....
    This is the best line cool philosophy...i like it.

    And blue denims with white top is so very evergreen combo...

  2. I know SUCH people. They annoy me sooo much!

  3. Suchita, you look so fresh in that outfit!

  4. wow babe... you looking great :)

  5. Most of the times, I say Hello and talk to people- even unknown ones in the plane, airports etc. But sometimes when not in mood...

  6. @Jahn,beautydiva,bhumika: thanks a lot :)
    @A: yeah i understand sometimes you just don't feel like it
    @RS: thanks

  7. I have also noticed such behavior from people, sometimes even acquintances behave strangely, one day they may smile and yet on another day they will deliberately look elsewhere.
    I am always smiling, I don't care whether the others do or not. I love smiling.
    Your outfit is great. I like the sandals it is very cute.

  8. A point well made.
    You are looking great.

  9. My thoughts exactly - either look -say hi/smile or don't look my way.

    White suits you real well.

  10. I have faced it quite a couple of times.. didnt know how to react..

    P.S. love the bag


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