Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Blog Hiatus,OOTD

As I have said I am going on a vacation and would not be posting for the next few weeks, since no one was able to get the location I will tell you and it's "Italy" ya they do spend more on hair care than education, guess thats why all of them have beautiful hair and look so good. Any suggestions regarding Italy would be very welcome.

And here's what I wore to a lunch date with a friend 
I have been looking for a outdoor location to shoot my pics but everywhere I go there are people so am back to my house for now :)

Ciao for now would see you(virtually) when I get back, be happy 


  1. Italy? Do they really not spend much on education? I did not know that.
    Do go to Venice. Eat and drink a lot there and shop.
    Enjoy your vacation.

    P.S I like the pictures behind you. Is one of the picture your bridal pic?

  2. wow!! you are going to Italy?? I'm jealous :(:( I want a vacation too...but work would not allow me for another 3 months :(
    anyway, have loads of your outfit..that polka dot skirt is adorable!!

  3. Have a pleasant journey. Come back with good romantic pictures from Italy.

  4. You look super cute! Love the skirt! ... Have fun in Italy

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  5. Have a good time. Stay safe and take care of your belongings...that is the only suggestion.

  6. really cute polka dotted skirt! great styling

  7. Yep, an out door shoot would have done more justice.

  8. That polka-dotted skirt! J'adore!!! Love your footwear too! :)

    Have a fabulous time in Italy..Eat lots, click lots, and post lots! :)

  9. BollywoodstylediariesApril 7, 2011 at 2:42 PM

    Love the red top with the skirt. and the bow on the skirt is so cute! looking chic.

  10. Italy!!!! That is awesome. I agree with the other posters click lots of pictures. Have fun.

  11. as alwas i love your outfit!!

  12. Perfect outfit for a lunch date with a friend. Very summer cool too. Italy sounds absolutely fun! Enjoy!

  13. I would have never guessed that. Nice outfit.

    Have a nice vacation.

  14. Still in picture as yet.

  15. love the look!

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