Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Trip Diary

Been back for two days now and have not done any posts about it till now cause I have been wondering how to put all my experiences into words.
This trip was special in many ways as I have always had a fascination with roman history and the romantic in me always wanted to visit Venice(which is not that romantic actually) and I spoke the language :)
which was very helpful while ordering all the gelati(stuck to the rule of two) which is: eating 2 gelati a day whenever you are in Italy and the good thing is you can not gain weight here cause of the walking you have to do win win :)
So all in all the place is great, people wonderful a bit like Indians actually and the food out of this world, now I don't see any reason why anyone would not want to visit it; so do it the first chance you get and ya throw in a bit of Paris and it's perfect

And here come the pics, would not be writing about any monument or place's history but clicking on the name will open the Wikipedia page for it if you want to read about it
I will give my take on everything  of course :)

We started the trip in paris 
Visiting Louvre  god the museum is so huge but we managed to see most of it my favorite piece was the  Victory of Samothrace  
I loved the Eiffel Tower it's beautiful which I never associated with it till I actually saw it
Wandering the streets enjoying the weather  
Paris at night 
Being together with my husband in the city of love
and endless other things like the bustling Latin quarter, the opera, macaroons and the amazing hot chocolate

What do you associate with paris??


  1. I can right now associate,with this Shammi Kapoor's song: Are aisa mauka phir kahain melega, ..... dekmo dekho evening in Paris.
    Good to see you both looking so happy and romantic in the most romantic city in the world.
    Lovely pictures with lovely you.

  2. I have been to Paris at least a dozen times. It is beautiful. But after seeing it so much, I do not associate it with Eiffel tower etc. I associate it with high Fashion (giggle).
    Venice is lovely and romantic. Specially the Gondola ride.
    You look lovely in the pictures.
    Seems like you had a great time.

  3. I can see that you had an amazing time ... The the weather was wonderful too, isn't it? :) Now you have my itching for a holiday of my own soon! :P

    ♡ from ©

  4. Yes. Italians are very much like Indians. I felt the same way. Up to certain extent most Europeans are like us.

    Venice is a very nice place. I was hoping to see some pictures of canals.

    Paris is awesome. I was in Paris in January and I might go again next week. Missed you there by a few weeks.

  5. Love the 3rd pic of you so pretty!!!! aww what a wonderful trip you 2 went on!!! it's great to travel and see the world!!

  6. When I am in bombay! we'll have to go shopping together!!!!

  7. awesome pics...n u look soo pretty in these !!

  8. wow!! a grand vacation I must say.. its great to see that you had a great time..I associate paris with artists, wine .. fashion and Eiffel tower..

  9. Paris!! WOW!! Even I have a dream to visit that city're looking pretty and happy..

    BTW I m following you..follow back if you wish :)

  10. Nice Photography and it really a great place,
    last time my bro also went to Paris and they also shared some videos and pics which makes my desire a 440 volts inspiration to one in life to visit it as earliest. :)

    Thanks for sharing.

    take care

  11. hey sweety came across ur blog good writing and nice pictures u look stunning..Paris is beautiful and romantic can see u had great time!!!

  12. Glad you had fun and welcome back!! I like this style of yours, lett writing, more pictures.. and may I just say amazing shots.

  13. A different angle of the Eiffel tower.

  14. Yay!! Yay!! I love Paris.. so nice to see this again... This was our first trip together... we went to Paris and London and totally enjoyed it.. *sigh*. thanks for bringing back such lovely memories..

    Oh.. and you look like one of the stylish travellers as well.. Look stunning!!


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