Sunday, April 3, 2011

It's not another maniac Monday

A good monday morning to everybody, I have been MIA last week but I was recovering from a viral infection and had friends visiting(which helped me recover faster :) )
How was your weekend besides celebrating India's win??
I am super excited this week cause I am going on a holiday!!! I know it happens quite often but this one is a special one and I am going somewhere I have always wanted to go, every time I think about it I do virtual cartwheels :)
It's the nation where they spend more on haircare than education and it's there on almost everybody's travel list, any guesses???
I didn't click any outfit pics but this is what I wear 90% of time
not exactly this outfit I am not gross but some version of it

Tee: Espirit
Shorts:Cotton World
Bangles: Colaba
Have a happy week people I know I will 


  1. Love yr colored bangles!

  2. I cant guess which nation spends more on haircare and less on education. Could it be Venezuela?
    You look fab

  3. more on haircare !! no ides :/
    btw nice oufit..n me like d bangles..

  4. No clue babes!!! DO tell? Have fun though :)

    ♡ from ©

  5. No clue where they spend more money on hair care than education. It could be Mauritius but not sure. Okay in any case have a great great time :)))

  6. Wow...another vacation??Looking pretty, the beach background makes it prettier!

  7. Honestly, my weekend pretty much involved celebrating India's victory! Hope you are feeling better now!

    Enjoy your vacation lady.

  8. Hi came here through Rama's blog.You look fabulous in all the outfits ,just went through all the pictures:))Well even i don't have clue on that nation...didn't want to Google and spoil the show.Do let me know and have fun:)

  9. thanks Raji I feel on top of the world with your compliments :)


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