Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Nostalgia my friend

I am in Delhi right now(thats why no posts)and met my college room mate last week, needless to say it was great to meet her, especially since I live in Mumbai now and hardly get to see her
We spent the whole day together, shopped, talked, ate at fab places and did a lot of people watching so all in all a day well spent.
Meeting old friends, recounting college stories, discussing our previous antics has a curious effect on me, suddenly I start feeling extremely nostalgic and I yearn for the days gone by, for those late night coffee sessions in winters on the roof of the hostel, cooking maggi in the room, studying together before an exam and the gossip ;)
oh! how I miss that shared sense of sisterhood we had, now I am being dramatic but.....
Don't misunderstand me I am perfectly happy in the present and would not want to change my life, except for a few things of course(I am not the "I don't have any regrets" kind) and would definitely  not want to do the studying before exam part(horrified gasp)
I just feel that nostalgia is just one of the ways to connect with your past, I don't think it's bad at all
what are your views about nostalgia??

Obviously this is my friend :) and this post is dedicated to you my dear Reena thanks for being there for me always.

p.s will be back to doing regular posts from next week 


  1. Correct me if I'm wrong but is this the Saket mall?? Ahhh...looking at the picture brought back many memories..I left for States at the time this opened..As long as you have good memories everything in the past seems so good..I personally feel that. I'd so not like to remember my bad times. But yes, nostalgia has it's own little charm. Ahh..I miss Delhi :(

  2. Good post. I am from Delhi also and miss college days though I was not in hostel. Which college did you study?

  3. hey UB i too reckon its Select City Walk Saket..

    anyways I always feel nostalgic for my estranged girl friend and the good times that we have spent together in and around Delhi...

    But as they Life Goes On..

  4. @UB:yeah it is select city walk and I also miss delhi a lot didn't know you were from delhi, the top I wore in the previous post is from central market
    @A: I did eng. from ITM gurgaon where did you study?
    @RS: yeah it is select city walk

  5. Awww! Hugs! I know exactly what you mean. I do. I am glad you are able t spend time with your friends eve if it is not on daily basis. Sometimes is not bad though?

    Oh! I go through nostalgia on frequent basis. Specially since I am alone for 10 hours in the day. I think as long as you do not drown in it ... just take a dip and bounce back to reality .. it's cool.

  6. Ahhh. Memories. Frozen memories.

  7. Ah pic of select city walk. Shuchita you are in Delhi? wow. email me at

  8. We had a high school reunion in US a couple of years ago and that's exactly how each one of us felt.

    Nothing beats good old memories and meeting friends from school.

  9. your post brought back a lot of memories of college... the aimless gossip,maggi noodles and sisterhood bonding somehow seems to be the staple of many many people's college memories.

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  11. @Suchita, I studied at Delhi College Of Engineering.

  12. Hi, Shuchita,
    I came here from some one else's blog.
    You are right , there is nothing to beat a walk down the memory lane. It is so therapeutic and so much fun reliving the good old days.
    My favorite pass time is to go there and literally lose myself.

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  14. Nice pic's....christ church..mil..etc..
    srinivasa rao.s


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