Sunday, September 26, 2010

It's black and it's brown

I am alive, kicking , not so busy so the only excuse for not blogging is sheer laziness.
I had a reasonably good week and managed to do almost all that I wanted to except may be house work which I am not sure if I wanted to do ;) 
Saw "Wall Street" the movie (new one) with husband (mentioning it just for the purpose of public service) was a complete bore my advice: watch the first one again and skip this one
I did click one outfit pic today, wore it to go shopping, not for my shopping guys and gals I am restraining myself from shopping nowadays(only a bit though so no worries). 
here it is

Top: Zara
 Tights: Espirit
Necklace and Bangles: Coloba
Shoes: Bandra

 Showing off my B&W bow shaped hair clip from Twisted 

And now I am off to watch the latest episode of Merlin, I am a fantasy junkie I told you :) 
How was your weekend???

p.s thanks everybody for the comments on the last post I loved them all, UB when I was there I also expected for SRK to pop out in a field in a DDLJ pose :)


  1. Will take you advice on movie.

    Good you are slowing down on shopping. Read another post from a man...about can guess what he has to say.

  2. Hi,
    nice outfit there, you look trim, and back to shape I suppose. Good.
    Thanks for visiting. You know it is not just the sad things, I also remember in detail all the happy things that has happened in my life too. I am sure you too would be having them. That is life for the good and the bad are always there.

  3. You look good! And Thank God we skipped Wall Street this weekend. Everyone gave it bad reviews! :)

  4. I am shocked. I was going to see Wall Street Part 2 next week. You said it is a complete bore. In the first one, I thought Michael Douglas, and the Sheens (Father and Son) did very well. Hmmm. Anyhow I will see this cause Michael Douglas is having cancer. I am sorry for him. I like him. He became more famous than his dad, Kirk Douglas.

  5. You are looking fab. I specially like your bow clip and zara top. I saw Wall Street too. I found it Ok. Maybe cos I was with fab company.

  6. ur smile is really cute...
    n yeah u do have great fashion sense must say!!!
    Wall Street completely sucks, our college made it compulsory.

  7. love u r zara top !! i liked the sequel .. but it wasnt as good as the first one !

  8. hey!!! first time on your blog...

    Thank god i visited it but because hubby was insisting to watch wall street..wont go for now for sure:D

    nice top by the way.

  9. Hi,Shuchita how r u?nice haircuts

  10. @SM: Thanks :)
    @Anamika: thanks Anamika :) I also watched it partially because of hubby but he also hated it
    @Rajeshri: hey I am well, lets catch up soon


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