Friday, September 3, 2010

Seven things you may have always wanted to know

I read this post over at Kiran's blog and the rules for this are you tell 7 things about yourself and then tag others
so here goes,
  1. I love eating maggi noodles and eat it at least once in 15 days
  2. I am a complete chatter box and start talking the moment I get up in the morning 
  3. Consider my self to be very empathetic and always try to understand a situation from other person's perspective
  4. Am a total couch potato and watch a lot of tv(no not the saas bahu dramas silly!!! but cool stuff)
  5. I love giving advice but never unsolicited
  6. I still read Enid Blyton stories sometimes and ya I read chick lit also
  7. My fitness role model is Bipasha Basu(an Indian actress) and swimming and belly dancing are my fav. form of exercise
I am not tagging anyone but would really like it, if you would do the tag, you can do it in the comments sections or make a post up to you guys :) looking forward to knowing you better.


  1. Oh! How sweet. I would wanna read Enid Blyton again! Enjoyed reading you list. Here's mine :)

    1. I love cooking, it is a stress buster for me
    2. I like traveling A LOT and my Mom is my best travel partner
    3. I love my father the most in the whole world
    4. Hindi Movie are the best for of entertainment for me
    5. I always try and remember all the good things anyone has said or done for me. Keeps my grateful and positive.
    6. I enjoy daredevil adventures [Sky diving, Bungee Jumping etc.]
    7. I do not gossip or talk ill of anyone.

  2. Nice one. Now we know a little more about you. Complete chatter box and start talking the moment you get up in the morning. Welcome to the club. I am an extreme extrovert and talk non stop.

  3. I will try to do this tag.
    check my blog

  4. I feel like eating Maggi noodles now! I love them so much!

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  6. hey my first time here :) nice blog gona snoop around a bit more :)

  7. Lovely blog....very interesting post...check out my blog if you

  8. so sweet. Nice to know the 7 things about you. All of them are as cute as you are.

  9. Good to know more about you

  10. hii

    liked ur blog!
    i agree m smwhat like u (pts 1 and 4 )


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