Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Post of shame

I had written a post in June outlining my intention to do a Julie and Julia type fitness project with detailed guidelines, but as it is obvious I did not follow through,hang my head in shame :(
why obvious?? cause had I done it, I would have written about it
I do have a lot of excuses that sounded legit at that time, but as I said they were just excuses 
But as said earlier also GIVE UP I DO NOT 
So starting tomorrow I will go back to my project fitness, I do not have any weight loss goals all I want to be is fit and healthy and ya of course be able to wear what I want :):) thats realistic right???
I am also going to start a workout diary on the blog(got the idea from here
And now that I have shouted out my plans to the whole wide world I have to do it or.... nah!!!! there are no ors in this story fellas, I am going to do it (beating my chest and giving a war cry)
I have declared war on you love handles and junk food cravings and I intend to win
yaaa got a bit carried away I think the war cry had something to do with it(husband did look at me in a strange manner )

BTW its raining really hard in bombay and today I stood in ankle deep water with god knows what in it for 30 min looking for a cab, we have no infrastructure!!!!! no matter what the growth rate and blah blah blah


  1. Good Luck with you plan!!! May you succeed!!! :)

  2. Hey thanks for the link back! Eww Bombay runs can drive you nuts!! My Mum told me how crazy it has been getting these past few days!!

    I can't wait to read about your project fitness progress, makes me wanna update my page regularly too!!

  3. You go girl !!! and no doubt those are realistic goals.


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