Thursday, October 21, 2010

Vanilla Moon

Hi all,
How's the week going???
Mine is going well with just a few minor hiccups that are a part of life, but have been  very efficient lately with completing my to do list every day from the last 3 days :) 
Maybe the malfunctioning of the TV has got something to do with it ;)
Trying to clean up the house completely before leaving for a trip next week, where am I going???
will post the pics and you guess 
Have not completed my diwali shopping and actually don't have much to shop also,
cause have not yet finished my goal of wearing all my ethnic dresses from my trousseau  at least once so have plenty of options at home, all in all in the spirit of not doing frivolous shopping(will power of iron) ha ha
today is grocery shopping day and this is what I wore

A simple white tee and blue jeans with some extras so it doesn't get too boring
Jeans: my trusted levis
T'shirt: life style 
shoes: Bandra

Necklace: Aldo
Bag: Bangkok
Bangles: Bandra

I don't know how but the lighting looks diff in the two(exaggerated shoulder shrug the way Italians do)


  1. This is such a neat and simple outfit.Love that orange zing with the basic tee and jeans combo!

  2. Simple and comfortable! Love the fit of your jeans ... Refreshing look :)

  3. I loved both the jacket & the orange pendant - they perk up the outfit :)

  4. Oh are almost looking like one of my cousin. Good pictures.

    TV is annoying but we still waste time on it. I do plan Diwali shopping. No grocery shopping for me.

  5. Very nice look. A simple white T with jeans of perfect fit. You look- just right.

    Answer about the tonewalkers- I have edited my post and written it there.
    Reebok- Naaahhh---puke...They suck.

  6. White Tee and Jeans a forever combo. Looking pretty as always :)

  7. Waiting for your post on your vacation next week.

  8. Good job on not meandering away from your resolution of not shopping. Keep it up.

    Simple yet sweet outfit.

  9. such a pretty aldo necklace!!! love the bright orange color! welcome to check our dresses giveaway for this week!!! hi from california.

  10. Shop till you drop, and the earth shall be yours :-)

  11. ur fashion can be best described in two words...
    "simple and sensible" denims and white top just roxx
    n ur smile is just icing on the cake..:)


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