Thursday, October 14, 2010

Quicky shorty post

Hello Everybody,
I have been MIA the past few weeks but a lot happening in life right now and MBA or not one thing I did not manage to learn in B school was multi tasking so blogging took a back seat
Was not able to read other blogs also and now suddenly I am missing  everybody
Did not click any outfit posts as there is this mad heat wave going on in Mumbai and hot weather and I do not have a very good working relationship :(
Good news is I have managed to stick to my workout schedule and diet, yoohoo for that
So ladies and gentlemen I propose a toast to Shuchita for waking up everyday at an unearthly  hour to make it to the yoga class and not giving in to the urgings of the goddess of sleep  (husband's very surprised and so is my mom though they won't admit it)
Hopefully I won't give up now
Will say bye now quicky shorty post you know
"Happy festival season to everybody" hope you have a great time with family and friends and have a fab weekend
Talking of family  here's mine


  1. Thanks for the update. I am glad you are continuing with your yoga class. Happy holiday season to you also.

  2. I cannot stand hot weather either. Nice you see your family pictures. :)

  3. Continue your Yoga and diet. Keep it up girl.

  4. All said and done, Yoga is the best.
    Where is that fountain situated? One from the old British times I suppose.

  5. Happy festive to you too!!
    and ur looking really great in ur white outfit..
    white suits u:).
    keep posting blogs more often..

  6. thanks for the encouraging comments guys :)

  7. I have been slacking off so much from my yoga... your post was just what I needed. That's a nice family pic.

  8. Nice family picture. Happy holiday season, have fun.
    Have you finished your Diwali purchases?


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