Monday, October 4, 2010

Mine is bigger than yours

I am not talking about what you might be thinking it was just a attention grabber hah!
I am talking about people trying to get one up the other no matter what the occasion is, you start talking about your illness and suddenly it becomes a competition so as to who has had the biggest illnesses in their family, you talk about something that you have bought and the other talks about something bigger and better that his aunt's neighbor's daughter has bought.You talk about your relationship troubles and the other start talking about how difficult it is and how she/he wisely(much more wisely than you) deals with such problems.

All the above are real life examples that I have encountered or observed(I am a notorious eavesdropper)
Everything in life is not a competition and sometimes we can listen to others with out making it all about ourselves.

Now since I myself am a self confessed chatter box,  you people must be thinking look who's talking(eye roll) but I am a good listener guys seriously swear on my favorite LBD

I know that sometimes we exhibit the above to empathize but don't just start blabbing about yourself when the other person is looking for somebody who can listen to her/him.
Do I sound totally preachy ??? I don't intend to but if I do bear it this time :) 
I wanted to talk about it cause most of the people are guilty of this offence despite good intentions 
I have also done it many times till the time I realized what I was doing and now try really hard not to talk about myself  too much and listen to  others.
Of course sometimes you totally can talk about yourself, gloat, blabber and just say what you want to say :) (what are husbands for)

Now on to a warning I want to give: Watch "Anjana Anjani" at your own peril the movie is not at all how it looks like in the trailers . It is preachy, boring and sad(was very surprised) with intermittent bouts of humor which we have already seen in the trailers being aired. And Priyanka wears bad clothes so there was nothing in it for me :(

 Lets look at the pics now , both clicked by my friend D 

Tights: Espirit
Bracelets: Accessorize and Forever New
Necklace: Accessorize
Shoes: Bandra

I wore this on an extremely hot day here in Mumbai to run errands which had to be done in the mall :) I wanted to feel comfy and cool hence, no accessories.

Thanks everyone for the comments on the last post I really love and value your comments.


  1. Liked your shoes buddy..

    and Anjaana Anjani was a disaster ...i feel bad when talent get wasted..

  2. Bigger illness, bigger waist size...:)

    It is silly how people compare. And around the world it is the same..not just limited to Indians or females.

  3. Hhaha!!! So true. I have observed that too and caught myself doing the same ... though the intentions are to share the misery but it might come across as self-centeredness! See again talking about myself? Ain't I! Hehe ... And Thanks for the heads up on Anjaana Anjaani thought I had no intentions of watching it [not a fan of Priyanka!] ...

  4. Nice post. Loved it. This also can be classified as "keeping up with the Jones'" category. Thanks for the warning on the movie.

  5. You are right, and I am glad you noticed it and are not falling into this trap. You might have noticed too, how such behaviour of cribbing is so contagious, that many times we start talking just like them complaining about everything, not seeing the good things in life that is happening around us, thus not only making ourselves miserable but also the people we are with miserable.
    The best way to get quickly out of such a situation is to quietly change the topic to more fun and happy events in life, and this is also contagious, thereby setting the tone of positiveness in the other person, and they also start relating positive things about their life.
    Well, sometimes it might not work, if the person is die hard pessimist, who enjoys dwelling the negatives only, then it is better we leave them alone and move away from the area to save ourselves.
    I really love your shorts, and you are looking cool as usual.
    Which part of Bombay do you live?

  6. This very trait of "Mine is Bigger Than Yours" is quite common in females ;) I reckon so...

    And in 2nd pic your looks are de-glam and a bit insipid.

  7. visited your blog
    hope u do the same and
    enjoy reading my blog too



  8. @Anamika: thanks :) I love colorful shoes, yeah both of them can act so well why oh why did they had to make this movie sigh!!
    @A: nah I am sure it's not limited to us
    @Rama:Thanks for the insightful comment and I live in central bombay
    @RS: I think it's common in both the genders gets manifested in different ways though, about the de glam I agree insipid I don't

  9. Lol, nice post. This is my first here and I liked your post and as well as the look n feel of your blog. Take CAre.

  10. Yes, I agree about mine is bigger than yours attitude of people about illness, troubles, etc etc.
    You look amazing as always. I love your pink shoes. Bandra sells good shoes man.
    About Anjana Anjani. I liked it. I like both Priyanka and Ranbeer. I even liked her clothes.

  11. hii..ur new follower..
    nice blog...n u look pretty..:)

  12. Hey, it was lovely bumping into you as well! I hope you had a wonderful weekend! :D :D


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