Monday, July 26, 2010

One rainy Sunday evening

Celebrated Sunday evening by going out for dinner with husband and a friend
we went for a buffet dinner and despite it being an all you can eat buffet I restrained myself and chose to eat healthy stuff , ye for that :)
and yes desserts was the hardest part  of the abstinence, damn you chocolate !!!!!!
would probably be dreaming about it for the next one week (also have a photographic memory for lust worthy stuff) :)
On a different note saw 2 movies on Saturday and both of them were not that good.
Tere Bin Laden and Sorcerers Apprentice, from the latter I had high hopes(we love fantasy) 
but even the presence of  Monica Belucci and Nicolas Cage couldn't salvage a bad screen play, do not watch it.
Tere Bin Laden is refreshing and funny(surprisingly) but we could have just waited for the dvd to come out.

And here comes the food already forgetting the trauma inflicted by bad movies ;)

 Minestrone Soup

 The salads were very yummy

Last but not the least pasta ,made Indian style with spices 

Top: Wills Life Style
Jeans: Levis
Shoes: Bangkok
Bag: Bangkok

p.s still not done with Shantaram, angry with myself  for that.


  1. :o) I dont even like buffets. They are waste of money for me. But husband likes them of course !.... Haven't seen any movies past 2 weeks. TIme to catch up I guess :)

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  3. When I go to buffets, I have soup salad buffet. All the restaurants charge you separately for that and you can tell them that you won't be having the main course or deserts. So you will not feel as bad. Food looks yummilicious in your pics. I saw inception and Salt this weekend. I would say both are good movies. Tere bin laden...i take your advice to watch on dvd. Great blog post. You look lovely. Also mention the location no.

  4. @Tanvi: ohh I like buffets, were it not for the healthy eating thing I would have stuffed myself :)

  5. I saw The Sorcerers Apprentice & agree.. It was a total waste of time ;P

  6. @kiran: thanks for the lovely compliments,the location is ITC Grand Central.
    I haven't seen Salt but plan to do so and some how Inception did not appeal to me though everybody seems to have liked it.
    And yes soup and salad buffet is a good option :)

    @Tanveer: Maybe Eclipse will help get over the disappointment of Sorcerers Apprentice


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