Thursday, July 15, 2010

Blue dress

This is what I wore for a movie and a day at the mall.
The dress is perfect for mumbai weather, 100% cotton and a bright color, it's just that I think I should have worn more accessories maybe a bright belt or bangles but at that time I thought the bag was blingy enough.
Don't look at the hair, humidity has made it super frizzy and I am due for a hair straighting anyways.
We watched the The A Team finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I loveeed it, it was a proper summer popcorn movie and hubby and friends loved it too, bradley cooper is so good looking and made the movie watching a very pleasant experience.
But all in all an entertaining movie and can be watched without regrets

Dress: Espirit
Bag:    Boutique in Bandra
Shoes: Bootmakers Bandra

Earrings: twisted Phoenix mills
was able to buy just these, sometimes you are just not able to find anything.


  1. I like the color of your dress! Pretty earrings. I still have to catch that movie :) May be this weekend along with Inception ;)

  2. WOW Shuchita your blog is truly amazing.... I never thought that i would ever , ever like a fashion blog.. but frankly speaking... your blog is truly amazing... I'll ask my sis to follow it too.

  3. Thanks a lot as I already told you, you've made me quite happy with your appreciation

  4. hey Shu I am really liking all ur posts..seriously, i am impressed..Come up with more...


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