Saturday, July 24, 2010

Dominated by orange

Does it happen to you that one or two colors are dominant per season???

Though I do not follow color of the season or any such thing but it happens every season that everything I buy is in the same color or similar to that and this season the color is orange.

So I have orange tops, bags, shoes and planning to buy an orange belt pretty soon.
The good thing is all that gold jewellery that I have can be paired with these outfits :) (In India when you get married you are given a lot of gold jewellery by your family, we are not the highest consumers of gold for nothing)

And here is my rust color kinda orangish top with a cotton shrug to hide a bit of oranginess :), I wore this to work.

Top: Palladium Mall
Shoes: Venus Steps Delhi
Shrug and Necklace: Latin Quarters
Bangles: Gift from Mom-in-law
(though it's not 
visible they are purple
and orange in color )

A closer look at the shoes, the heel has colorful stones on it


  1. Came across randomly.:)..but i will follow u now.
    wow ..i just loved that shrugs in this and a previous post of yours. and also how u accessorized it...
    Could you give some suggestions where i could get nice shoes in totally designer although can be worn everyday.?

  2. hey Priyanka,
    your nice comment has made me very happy :):)
    if you want to buy very high end shoes then Jimmy Choo has a show room in Hilton Towers at Nariman Point, Louis Vuitton has a showroom in Taj at Apollo Bandar
    Otherwise, Atria Mall in Worli has brands like Aldo, Nine West and Charles and Keith.
    Nearby Atria is Phoeix Mills that has Tres Mode, INC.5 and Metro shoes.
    In suburbs you can go to Linkin Road, there are no designer outlets there but lots of nice shops where you can get decent shoes.

  3. Hmmm ... it doesn't happen to me ... I think I just buy the colors which I do not already have ... although I have noticed I have all shades of blue for some reason! :P


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