Friday, July 16, 2010

Love is in the air

I have decided to be a good wife today and cook dinner for hubby, he totally deserves it too for being a sweetheart these past couple of weeks.

Ours is a love marriage and the courtship period was 8 years, we had been dating since our graduation days.
When we got married I thought that there would be no surprises as we know each other so well but lo and behold,
 I keep on being surprised.

Surprised by the fact that I could love him more than I already did,
surprised that the relationship has become so much better, I didn't think that was possible (sounding really filmy na :))

But I have still some more to say:
He has made me a much nicer person, again I thought I had already reached the pinnacle of my niceness ;)

So, the surprises and the happiness just keeps coming and I can't wait for the rest of my life

Phuket 2010

New Zealand 2009

p.s: reading Shantaram  and really loving it

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  1. You guys do look in love! :) It's an awesome feeling 'to feel' the love grow! The best relationship is when we grow together and become 'nicer' like you said!


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