Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Ambitions Vambitions

Sometime back I was having a discussion with someone about my not wanting to work in a corporate job(as I don't like it) and taking time off to figure out what to do with regards to career and in passing he said that "ya it's good cause if women are too ambitious then family gets neglected"  and before anyone gets the wrong idea it was definitely not my husband.

Now there are some things about me that everybody who knows me knows
I am a pakka (strong) feminist, a firm believer in gender equality and I absolutely hate it if if someone tells me that I have to do something cause I am a woman or if anyone tells me I am not ambitious.
Do you have to be a busy executive working a high powered 14 hr job(cribbing about it always) to be ambitious????
I can have an ambition of having a happy healthy life instead of getting into the rat race just to prove something to others.
Secondly my not wanting to work a corporate job has got nothing to do with family being neglected and last but not the least
why do women need to work an easy job for the sake of family??? such a decision should be taken not on the basis of gender but on personal preference and earning capability.

There, I have spoken my mind and feel better already, phew!!

Husband tells me to chill and let people say what they want to say, but sometimes just sometimes these kind of people get on my nerves and I need to vent.

And here is what I wore to the mall, the key word was comfortable 

Cropped my face cause was having an extremely bad hair day


  1. I know it's really sick when people just assume that you'd be taking care of the family. But in a male dominated society there have been ladies who have come out and earned a name for self. I know women who are managing career and family very well. They are such an inspiration I must add. Btw your outfit looks good. The color combo! I love the sandals too much!!!

  2. Oh those annoying misinformed-big-mouthed-passer-bys! I know how annoying they can be. I am glad you have spoken your mind and taken off the load. Clearly that man is living in the stone age [his poor family!] ... you are right. You do not need to prove anything to anyone. You are what you are for yourself. No one else has the right to make a judgement, specially if it has absolutely nothing to do with them! :)

  3. Your husband is right. You do what is best for you and your family.

  4. You are absolutely right in saying/doing what you are doing. I so agree with you. Personally even I cannot survive a corporate job.
    That is why I love what I do. It gives me a great flexibility in terms of time. I am my own boss. I get to meet only happy people. I am an absolutely family person, yet have a strong career. I could not have asked for things to be better. Ahhhh!!! as I am writing this, I am feeling so good and am counting my blessings.
    You have just given me an idea for my next blog post...Thanksss.

  5. I had to write on read it here

  6. Hi..I have just seen your blog...very nice...about this post then your husband is right.You should do what is good for you & your family.

  7. nice post...n i am ready to become a househusband if my lady is too ambitious and is willing to take a plunge in corporate job.

    p.s. - read my blog in ur leisure time and wish for me.

  8. Hey, thanks everyone for the supportive comments

  9. I usually read at least a few posts to see if I like a blog. You hit home run with this one post. Well said girl!!!

    I don't work in India, but have heard tons of these. The most common one I hear all the time is "You work, so your kids must be eating burgers from Mac Donald's every day".

    Do stop by my blog when you get a chance.

  10. Ugh, I consider myself a feminist and I hate hearing things like that. And I think it's worth it to talk back to people when they say things like that, and hopefully get them to question what they thought was right.


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