Sunday, August 29, 2010

Travel Diaries New Zealand - 2 Queens Town

This is the part 2 of New Zealand travel post,  for the uninitiated read the first part here
After Dunedin it was off to queens town through the southern scenic route which is a bit longer but scenic so that decided it for us.

On the way(Dunedin to queens town) its a journey of 8 hrs but the drive is a breeze and there are lots of cafes and farms where you can stop have coffee, buy fruits and freshly made ice cream 
This was taken at clyde dam, which is also a camping site
On the shore of lake Wakatipu in Queens town,its 5 min of walking distance from city center, in the background are Remarkable mountains where LOTR was shot. People of NZ are so lucky they get a chance to live in the midst of such beauty,
 ya I am totally jealous
I did bungee jumping well to be honest its called swing but it did involve jumping off a cliff,
and it was on my bucket list :) the last structure is from where you jump and I did it twice 
This is the city center with an Indian restaurant in the backdrop, I do love different cuisines but after a week of non Indian food,I do feel like having something spicy and familiar but NZ has Indian restaurants in every major city so not a problem.

Queens Town is called the adventure capital of the world and you can do all kinds of sports here, we did only bungee and jet boating, but there are tonnes of other options, trekking, kayaking, canoe, boat cruise etc.... so basically something for everyone.

Will cover Milford Sound in the next post supposedly the most beautiful place in NZ.
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  1. Looks like a wonderful place and you seemed to have had a great time! :)

  2. NZ is no doubt a beautiful place. I hope to visit it someday too :) The pics make me want to visit it soon. Swing must have been fun. I get hell scared doing such things. Lovely pics..all of them!

    Thanks for the vote btw:)

  3. Very nice pictures. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Wow wow wow!!
    The place looks so scenic and goddamn inviting..

    Hey I am envy of you now you have been to so many great places...;)

    Waiting for Milford Sound pics
    Rudyard Kipling called it 8th wonder I heard.

  5. Looks like you had lots of fun. Lovely pictures and as usual you look gorgeous.

  6. Great pictures. I drove from dunedin to Queens town too. It is such a picturesque drive. Yes the small cafes that serve crunchiest salads and fresh ice creams are so cool.

  7. Hi! I've passed on two blog awards to you. Do check them out in this post.


  8. heyy Shuchita,
    discovered ur blog over at UB's..
    And happy to meet you..
    Super travel pics and u look like an amazing fashionista too..
    Will be following you..
    Do pay my blog a visit too
    WIll be obliged..TC


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