Sunday, August 22, 2010

Kerala Diaries 1: Munnar

I am back from my Kerala trip happy and completely refreshed, it was a great trip, we visited Munnar and Kumarakom - the places are beautiful & clean, people are friendly and nice, a win win combination :).
Here are the pics,

No this is not Kerala this is the new airport terminal at Mumbai which is at par with any international terminal 
and I am so proud of it, ye for India.

Airport was all decked up for the Independence Day and I followed the dress code with my orange jacket.

Matupetty Dam in Munnar(on the way to our resort)

One of the numerous scenes you encounter on the drive

The place where we stayed, called Camp Noel a small resort with a 7 star service, we loved our stay here though it is difficult to reach as it is far from town and there is no road. 

We hiked to a near by hill top, it was a 3 hrs hike with a leech attached on my leg but as can be seen from the view totally worth it.

View of the valley

Going for a picnic(tea estates in the background)

Cherry Blossom 

View from our cottage window

Saying bye to Camp Noel

The pictures speak for themselves and hence I rest my case, hope you had a great weekend. Will catch up with all the blogs this week .


  1. Super. Speechless. On our next trip to India, Munnar will be a must.

    I saw the first picture and wondered is this an American or Dubai or Singapore shopping mall? I then read your explanation that this is the new international airport terminal at Kochi. Hats Off. We usually land in Chennai Airport….dirty, muggy, people smoking all over (even under the no smoking sign) and worst of all urinal smell all over the airport.

  2. Love the pics...truly is a paradise..the last pic is amazing with all the flowers.. :)

  3. Love the pictures!!! This has been on my travel list for sooo long. Last year my parents went without me... I am still sulking about it! :P

  4. Wow. Very panoramic. I have been to Munnar and Kumarakom etc but your pictures are breathtaking. You brought me memories from my trip.
    You are looking pretty-as usual.

  5. yes, the ariport looks amazing!
    and about the resort? ohmygod! r u kidding 7 stars service?! IT'S SO AMAZING!!!

    surely u had so much fun there right? haha :D

    CLIFF from

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