Friday, August 27, 2010


My camera is refusing to take pictures and it happened right at the moment when I was all ready in a pose after getting a new hair do, sure in the knowledge that I look great :) 
The good thing is, I will probably be able to buy a new camera which I have been wanting to since quite some time.
Any suggestions as to which one I should buy??? I don't know anything about photography except posing of course :)
Also, thanks all for the nice and supportive comments on the last post, Kiran from fitnesolution has written a post about it on her blog which you can read here she has an amazing blog and writes about fitness, spirituality and  fashion, do check it out.

Here is a pic taken on the day of my MBA convocation, my new hair do is similar to the one I am sporting here so I thought I will share this one

This day officially counts as one of the happiest days of my life


  1. u r looking gorgeous.

  2. I liked anything that has to do with medium or short hair length. I can never manage long hair god knows why. :((

    Saree looks very pretty and sure you look happy..MBA convocation yayyyy!!

  3. That is a pretty pink on you! Thank you for sharing your happiest day with us :) Have a great weekend!

  4. So sweet of you to mention my blog. Big Thank you.
    Now suggestions for camera- canon SLR. Something which supports remote. Sometimes we bloggers need to self click.
    I like your pink saree and your new hair do. I like no embroidery sarees. And this one is so nice.
    You have a very sweet and warm persona.

  5. I got one recently. Its a Canon T1i DSLR and absolutely love it. Good luck on your camera hunt.

  6. hey, if you happen to travel a lot to scenic places, try Sony-W350. It gotta a Panoramic feature.More importantly,its sleek,compact and had a good image stability.

  7. what i think for camera Nikon d3000 will be a safe bet...
    and ya your smile is really sweet...touchwood.

  8. for camera i think nikon D3000 will be a safe bet..
    n ya ur smile too sweet...touchwood.

  9. thanks for the suggestions everybody :)


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